Chris and Jesse: Flash Smut

This was a try at writing an erotic story in 500 words or fewer, mostly to see if I could do it — Pill Hill Press is looking for erotic flash stories for their 365 Days Of Erotica project, which is where I got the inspiration/motivation. (I don’t think I’ll be submitting to them, though, for a couple of reasons which don’t need exploring at this juncture.) I ended up with 548 words and something I'm rather happy with, all things considered.

Anyhow, setup is as follows: Chris has suggested that perhaps this time, they could try his version of foreplay, and Jesse has agreed. This is the result.

* * * *

They started under the old oak’s branches, Chris catching him and Jesse breaking free thanks to Chris’ ticklish spots. Chris caught up to him soon enough and captured him again; again Jesse broke away. They chased each other all the way around the tree, and the last time Chris caught him, breathless and laughing, their hands clasped wrists and they spun round and round until they collapsed in the tall grass.

From there it was unbuckling and unbuttoning and unzipping and undressing, curious hands and hot wet kisses, slick fingers and sucking mouths, skin on skin and all of it so very good.

“Want,” Chris said, as Jesse drew quick-cooling designs across Chris’ chest with the tip of his tongue, “want you now.”

“Lost my pants,” Jesse said, then closed his teeth ever-so-carefully on a nipple; he licked it until Chris arched and cried out. Hands in his hair lifted him up and Chris’ dark eyes were wide, his face almost pained.

“Find pants.” Chris cupped Jesse’s face and leaned forward, kissing him. “Find pants now. Want you, need you.”

“Okay, okay,” Jesse said, gently, then kissed him back. “Just a second.” His pants were piled up with Chris’, just there, and Jesse quickly found what they needed. “Do you want to-"

“You can!” Chris stretched out, his hands over his head and his toes pointed, pale skin and glossy hair gleaming in the sunlight. “Please, Jesse.”

“Just hold still,” Jesse said, then kissed his way up from Chris’ left knee to his hip. He admired Chris’ cock as he slicked lube over it, then rolled the rubber into place. “God, this is so nice. Just right in every way.”

“You always say that,” Chris said, but he was smiling as he pushed himself up on his elbows. “Now?”

“Not quite.” Jesse moved up to lie beside him, then settled on to his back, knees bent. “Okay, now.”

“Good! Good, good,” Chris said, rolling up to his own knees and parting Jesse’s; he brushed fingers over the hot skin of the other young man’s erection and then spread him open, shuffling them both into just the right spot. “Good,” he said again, as he slipped inside, closing his eyes.

“Yeah,” Jesse agreed, putting his hands over Chris’. “So good.”

Chris built the rhythm between them slowly and steadily, until Jesse’s hands grew restless, pinching, rubbing, squeezing.

“Chris, please,” Jesse said, then hummed as Chris moved a little faster, a little harder. “Gimme more, just like that.”

“Yes.” Chris set his hands and thrust into him, biting his lip as Jesse began to make the sounds that meant he was close. He could feel Jesse’s hand between them, moving; they were both windng tighter, tense with the coming release and then, then- Hot slick wet against his belly and Jesse’s voice saying his name, begging him to come and there it was, the sweet fire that he willingly sought-

“That,” Chris said, when he could speak again, “was a proper joining, under the sky, with racing and spinning.”

“I liked it,” Jesse said, and kissed him. “We’ll have to do it again, my funny bird.”

“Good.” Chris nodded at him. “Humans are better than birds, because they can join out of season, and I like that.”

Jesse just laughed.

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