And now for a much lighter post!

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I have three prizes up for grabs (one prize = one winner, for a total of three winners). One is a copy of the Skater Boys anthology, edited by Neil Plakcy and featuring my story Totally Choice; one is a copy of the Model Men anthology, also edited by Neil Plakcy and featuring my story Still Life With Philip Delaney; and last but not least a copy of Eat Me, edited by Shanna Germain and featuring my story Awydd.

1) Check out the blurbs and excerpts below — clicking the link will show the info on this page.
2) Choose your desired item…
3) ??? …And leave a comment stating which you’d like. Easy!

I’ll draw the winners via and have them posted by 1:00 PM Pacific time on May 21. Prizes will be sent ASAP after winners have been contacted.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Skater Boys

Model Men

Eat Me

“You got a package todaaaay! :o)”

Most of the time, text messages don’t make me smile. That one, however… I’m still grinning. Unfortunately, I’m not able to go pick it up until tomorrow, but tomorrow, I will go get it. (ANd then there will be pictures!)

It’s from Cleis Press, which means that it’s my copy of Skaters. And as it’s August, that means that Skaters is available for sale — if you’re so inclined, you can pick up a copy right here. There’s something in it for everyone, I think.

It’s almost silly how pleased I am about this.