Sometimes I Hate Making Decisions

So I’ve been thinking about the three sub calls I’ve got rattling around in my head. One of them is due in August; two of them in September. I have one thing that’s almost done (Max & Trev); one thing that’s kind-of started (sailors); and one thing that’s still in the flaily-maybe stage (Home For Christmas call).

And now I’m poking at the sailors thing and thinking about doing a riff on The Little Mermaid. Thing is, I’m kind of worried that someone else/many people will think of the same thing. I like what I’ve got on the call so far, but I’m not sure that I can fulfill Mr. P’s requirements (anything, as long as it’s sexy) without making it seem like Character A is saying “I know you’re sad and all, Character B, but let’s fuck like crazed bunnies!”

I know I could turn it around so that all of the emotional stuff comes after the sex, but I don’t know that I want to do that. I know I need to make up my mind sooner rather than later, since I’ll run out of time, otherwise… Argh! Maybe I’ll just go back to working on my strange dragon thing.