You know, Brain, the one with the idea usually does the work.

So why can’t I decide/figure out if I want to do a historical or a futuristic-y SF thing? I know it’s going to involve pirates, in some capacity; it will also possibly involve either indentured servitude or pottery. Or both.

Basically, so far, all I’ve got is a chronically sea-sick young man nicknamed Cabriti who is exceeding glad to be back on dry land and a burning desire to do more than that.

TV: my joy and my bane…

I have lots of ideas. Today, watching The Woodwright’s Shop and listening to a discussion of how joiners worked in the 19th century, I’m getting more.

And I’m remembering that I was having vague thoughts of something set in the late-19th-century Cafe Culture of Paris… *Sigh* Since I can’t win, I guess I’ll go make notes.

Dear Universe:

I really shouldn't start anything new. I know this, YOU know this, and yet… And yet, here I am, with Things bubbling in the back of my head. Saturnalia/Mardi Gras, Planetary GO!, Save Yourself; I'll Hold Them Back, all mixing together and making me want to WRITE something. 

Not that I'm objecting to writing anything, but I just… *Blink* *Blinkblink* Jimmy. Jimmy lived in NOLA… And… Oh, for crying out loud. *Wanders off, muttering about festivals and pastry chefs*

A new year, a new start…

Sort of. Like a gazillion other people, I make lists of stuff I want to accomplish in the next year. Unlike a zillion other people, however, I try to A) keep my goals flexible and B) not attach too much importance to accomplishing any of them.

I've done it the old-fashioned way, and discovered that the "If I don't do [Thing X] or [Thing Y] by {Date}, I am a big fat failure and should be left on an ice floe!" attitude is really not my idea of a good time. So, instead, this is a list of stuff that I want to check off by this time in 2011. If I don't, no big; if I do, more power to me. (These are in no particular order at all, by the way.)

+ Writing Stuff:
– – Figure out how to come out to my family about my writing.
– – Buy some how-to-plot books. USE THEM.
– – Have at least three stories out at any given time. 
– – Suck it up and learn to deal with transitions… Or find someone who loves them and arrange some kind of trade. (I make really GOOD fudge! And good cookies.)
– – See about collaborating on something featuring old characters in new stories. 

And a few Personal Things:

 — This is apparently the year of The Body Mod, at least in my head. So far, I want to:
 + Get one or more holes in my ear(s)
 + Finally decide on getting a piercing somewhat further south (not that far south)
 +Finally get the tattoo I've been promising myself for forever

 — And go out and be social with strangers. Possibly even dance with them. Maybe talk to them!

That's really all the exciting stuff that I've been thinking of, lately. Well, that and having my brain eaten by a sprawly completely-random paranormal thing. 

Be good to yourselves and one another, because we're all we've got, right now. Happy new year!

Wow, I haven’t done that for a while…

Just sent off two stories, to two separate places. Once again, they’re both Benny and Phil stories; fortunately, they’re not the same story.

Waiting to hear back on these two is going to be even more difficult than usual. I’m trying really, really hard not to expect rejection based on the use of Phil’s POV, even though I can understand completely why they would.

After all, I didn’t think Max and Trev would ever find an audience outside of their biggest fan, and I’ve sold more Max and Trev stories than anyone else. Who’s to say that my dyslexic gangster and his bookworm baby won’t find one, too?

Ah! The Cover Letter, My Mortal Enemy.

And for once I’m not having a fit because I have no idea what the editor wants in the letter. No, this time, I’m waffling because I really want to say something about Phil and his speech patterns.

I know that, generally speaking, it’s considered a really bad sign to talk about the story in the cover letter except in the most basic of terms. (Unless the guidelines say otherwise, natch.) And with the exception of Amby, I haven’t done that — and I don’t even know if Amby counts, since all I did was include the URL for the research I did.

I love Benny and Phil, and I know that using Phil’s POV can work against me. However, it’s not as if the use of a protagonist who is intelligent but not polished/a product of an education system and whose English skills would (in this day and age) lead to a Slingerland screening test does not have literary precedent. I’m not claiming that I’m on par with Mark Twain, but I am saying that Tom Sawyer’s not exactly an Oxford grad student.

Ugh, I should know better than to try writing cover letters late at night… I just need to hurry up and figure out what (if anything) I’m going to say so I can get my stories sent off before the deadlines!

Watch This Space

This weekend, I think I'm going to post all of the fiction-bits I've posted here on their own pages, so that they're easy to get to. As a bonus, I'll also post a little follow-up thing I wrote featuring Will and Levi of Totally Choice.

If I don't get it done by Sunday afternoon, feel free to poke me or throw shoes or whatever.

Maybe I should just give in.

None of my current WIPs are going anywhere. Maybe I should go ahead and start the new things rattling around in my head — a Fandor/Juve 'fic (primarily smut); a confrontation between two guys on the verge of both majority and perhaps something more than friends; and possibly something for Freaky Fountain, though I haven't decided if I'm going to use one of my actual straight couples or a new pair entirely. 

(Also, your moment of hilarity for the day: My brother is wearing one of his Utilikilts. The older of my Unofficial Nieces saw him and pronounced him "pretty as a princess". [She's not quite four.])

So I finally figured it out!

I like skinny emo kids because they appeal to the part of me that likes feeding people. I see them and my reaction is, "Aww, c'mere and lemme feed you! That's right, here, have a sandwich. Have two."

Yup, I'm odd, but you knew that. (And if you didn't, well, now you do. Hi! *Wavewave*)