Mark Your Calenders: November 3rd, 2014!

That’s the day that I Lift Up My Eyes To The Hills will be available for purchase. You can buy it from Dreamspinner, of course, or you can grab it from your favorite 3rd-party distributor.

Here’s the blurb:

Justinian Clark, new-minted journeyman scribe, has a lot of faith: faith in God goes without saying, faith in the orderly workings of the universe, faith in the administrative minutiae that ticks along in the background of his life. That minutiae has brought him to Saint Gabriel and All Angels Cathedral, where he is assigned to assist Brother Ezekiel Frost.

Ezekiel Frost, a ten-year veteran of The Eternal Brotherhood of the Guardians of the Church of Greater Anglia, is quite comfortable with his routine: helping the people of St. Gabriel’s parish, annoying the archdeacon, and not getting too used to his assistants. While he doubts that having a complete novice assigned to him will change this pattern in any way, he resolves to make the best of it.

Between exorcisms, murders, the attention of something, and an overly observant child, Justinian and Ezekiel have no time to settle into a comfortable routine. Nothing is as certain as they once believed, and they can only hope their faith will see them through.

Yaaaaaay! Also eeeeek. But mostly yaaaaaaay!

I was told I can share this, so I’m going to.

Yes, those are all Justinian-related items.

Isn’t it lovely?

John Coulthart patiently took all of the bits and bobs I plucked out of the lint trap of my brain and turned them into this gorgeous cover.

I don’t have a release date, yet, but probably in time for the holiday season.

News! Updates! And A LOT Of Exclamation Points! (!!!)

News first, because I’m going to pop otherwise: Ezekiel and Justinian have a home! I SIGNED THE CONTRACT TODAY! I Will Lift Up My Eyes To The Hills will be published by Dreamspinner in October/November! As soon as I have an actual date I’ll post it; in the mean time in-between time I’ll just be mooning about and trying to figure out what I want the cover to look like. (I already know who I want to illustrate the cover, if she’s still available. *Crosses fingers and toes*)

News second: I’ll have a post over at Scorching Reviews on Sunday, April 13th, as part of their LGBT month. Now all I have to do is figure out WHAT it is I’ll be posting. It’ll likely be Ezekiel/Justinian related, but beyond that, I don’t know what it’ll be.

Updates: Windows 8 and I are getting along much better, now. I updated to 8.1, which doesn’t seem to have made a huge difference (but I also doubt I’d used 8.0 long enough to notice any differences outside of the addition of the “start button” on the taskbar). I’m getting used to going to settings to turn off/reboot, even though it still makes no friggin’ sense whatsoever.

I discovered that I had entirely too many security-oriented programs running at once, which was causing all sorts of connecting-to-the-internet issues. I uninstalled two of them, made sure the third was off, and reinstalled one of them. Now my computer doesn’t complain about being not being protected and I can actually use the internet!

And now I’m going to go be gleeful and giddy at the people who know me and then I’m going to bed.

TITLE! (And other important things.)

The Odd Anglican Thing will always be called that in my heart, but it now has an actual title! Said title is I Lift Up My Eyes To The Hills, which comes from Psalm 121 (Levavi oculos):

I lift up my eyes to the hills; from where is my help to come?
My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot be moved and he who watches over you will not fall asleep.
Behold, he who keeps watch over Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep;
The Lord himself watches over you; the Lord is your shade at your right hand,
So that the sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night.
The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; it is he who shall keep you safe.
The Lord shall watch over your going out and your coming in, from this time forth for evermore.

The Psalm is fitting for both the story overall and for Justinian Clark, one of the protagonists. Without spoiling anything, all I can say is that Justinian has faith enough for ten acres of mustard plants as well as a deep and abiding love for the Psalms.

I’m almost ready to submit Eyes, but I have one. last. thing. that needs to be checked/reviewed before I do… Well, two, but one of them I can do on my own.

I have a synopsis, I have a blurb, I have read and reread and rereread until I’m pretty sure that if I fiddle with it any more that I’ll start messing things up.

I’m excited and worried and flappy and Small Mind has escaped from its cave on a couple of occasions and I haven’t even sent it off!

Speaking of sent off: I’ve submitted two stories already this year, which is pretty awesome. Both of them were for anthologies — One, Night Duty, is a Benny and Phil story that squeaked under the wire for the deadline; the other (Flying Colors) is a Max and Trev story that I won’t know about until somewhere closer to September.

I’m also fiddling with a couple of stories for a couple of other anthologies, but nothing’s really working at the moment. Not sure if it’s me, the story, the deadline, or the anthology, though. That’s okay–I’ll figure it out, and I’m not going to be completely devastated if I don’t get them done/sent off. I may get them published as individual stories instead of as part of an anthology.

Reesa has a new book out!

a banner for In Discretion, Reesa Herberh's latest story from the Ylendrian empire

Follow Reesa’s tour.

In Discretion is the story of two idiots who spend entirely too much time A) lying to one another, B) lying to themselves, and C) feeling guilty for shit that’s not their fault. It’s awesome.

Okay, okay, the blurb actually says this:

Thanson Nez thought his career as a Discretionary would take him to the stars, not strand him on a space station at the ass-end of the Empire. Thanks to his last client, he’s carrying a secret he can’t get rid of fast enough, but his oath to the guild means a swift, painful death if he shares it. Already desperate for help, he runs into yet more trouble: his ex, and an explosion that paralyzes the station moments after their uncomfortable reunion.

Kazra Ferdow, Station 43’s communications officer, is almost as blindsided by the return of his first love as he is by the sudden loss of power and life support. The station is a floating graveyard in the making, and something is turning its inhabitants into savage killers. Fighting human monsters and damaged tech, Kazra and Tanson must put aside their past long enough to try to save everyone.

The more light they shine into dark corners, the more Thanson realizes how many people might die for the secrets locked in his head—and what he’s willing to sacrifice to make sure Kazra isn’t one of them.

In Discretion is another stand-alone story set in the Ylendrian empire, featuring places familiar from the other Ylendrian books–as it stands alone, however, you don’t need to read any of the other Ylendrian titles. (You should, though, ’cause they’re awesome.)

The plot moves fast; the bickering-to-resolution between Thanson and Kazra is believable; it’s by turns funny and awful and frustrating and wonderful — and you know me, I don’t rec anything that’s not worth it. It also has one of the best dedications I’ve seen in a book (and no, it’s not about me).

So yeah. Go check out Reesa’s blog tour, get the book, and sigh sadly when you realize that the next Ylendrian book won’t be out until next YEAR.

What’s that, rising from the deep? Is it a monster? A large blob of seaweed? No…

…it’s just me. Hi. *Wavewave* Still not dead! Just reeeeeally busy, with spotty internet access. That’s not important! What’s important is that I have an announcement:

Michelle has a new book out! If Wishes Were Coffee, published by Less Than Three Press. It’s not a direct sequel to Enchanted Grounds, but there is a family relation. Set in the town of Playa Escondida, it’s the story of two guys who really need to get their acts together and the coffee-shop patron that gives them the kick in the pants that just might do it.

Michelle’s also going on a blog tour, the details of which can be found on her post here. Go! Comment there for a chance to win a copy of your own! Reeeeeead it! (It’s Michelle. You know it’s going to be good.)

I went and found a hat…

Just so I could take it off to all the writers out there who have kids and somehow manage to write not only entire bleeding novels but novels with sex scenes in them. Seriously, you’re all freaking AMAZING. If I could give every last one of you a hug and a cookie and a nice long weekend away from everything that sucks up writing time, I so would.

Me? I’m gonna go to sleep in an attempt to get rid of this headache while being pathetically proud of ekeing out a whole 4 paragraphs. Yay.

New Book! (A.K.A I’m not dead yet.)

the cover for Sexy Sailors, featuring an American naval sailor with ribbons on his shirt and his sea bag over his shoulder

Sexy Sailors, edited by Neil Plakcy.

Sexy Sailors is out! You can grab a copy from Cleis Press, if you’d like.

Mine is Boots For The Goddess: the story of a fisherman and the blacksmith who stays behind; of sacrifice and loss. It’s also full of sex, cute nicknames, and I gave Kelvi my hair’s lack of cooperation with combs.

As for my continued presence among the living… Yeah. I’m still swimming back to the surface from my most recent plunge into fandom!, so I’m still pretty distracted by the pretty. And the funny, and the shiny, and…

I’m aiming to wrench myself away from the distracty fun and get back to work sometime soon, because as much as I love my newest insanity-laden community, I love getting paid for my work more. …But I might wait until the first of the year before I do, what with the holidays and stuff coming up.

Also, I leave you with an example of the insanity that BBC Sherlock inspires: The Benedict Cumberbatch Song (CAUTION: Catchy. Loud. WEIRD.) (Cumberbatch plays Holmes.)


So I went to GRL. It was AWESOME. I went as my alter ego (and a reader) and it turned out that people kinda sorta vaguely recognized me! It was probably the pink hair, because it’s pretty damn memorable. (Next year, it will be actually-pink, and I will not need a haircut as badly as I did this year.)

I mentioned next year, because yeah. I am SO TOTALLY GOING. And as an author, which means I have to figure out what kind of swag I’m going to take — at least I have plenty of time. And I am hoping to have a few more stories out, so that I can actually have some recent swag (or recent stuff to talk about, anyway).

Did I mention it was awesome? Because it was. I usually avoid anything that you could generally label as part of having a social life (i.e. going to bars/parties, concerts*, etc.), but I didn’t have any problems with crowds at GRL. Maybe because they were small, but more, I think, because everyone was so damn awesome that I never felt like I was lost inside an overwhelming group that had no interest in the people that made it up. (I don’t know, it’s a bad analogy. Trust me: I was so comfortable with the social aspects of GRL that the only reason I didn’t get up and sing at karaoke was the fact that the DJ didn’t have either of the songs that I wanted, and I had no idea if karaoke versions of either exist. Normally, you couldn’t PAY me enough to sing in front of a bunch of people I didn’t really know.)

I had to mail my swag (and my books) home. I read both of the books I saved out, and they were both great — I’m pretty sure I had people in both Denver and Seattle thinking that I was kind of crazy because I was grinning and laughing at both stories. (In other news: The Gravedigger’s Brawl by Abigail Roux and One Small Thing by Piper Vaughn and M.J. O’Shea are totally worth buying in any format. I happened to be able to get them in paperback (and then signed, woo!), but whatever’s good for you.)

Speaking of getting things signed… I was so glad for the signing event on Saturday, because it meant that I got to find people that I’d been wanting to blither fannishly at and do so without coming across as a stalker. (What can I say? I’ve been reading the various ‘Dude, don’t be a fucking creeper at a con!’ posts that Scalzi and friends have put up this summer. As someone who tends to be painfully self-conscious in the presence of Very Cool People I Don’t Know, I figured it was just safer to keep to myself instead of seeking them out outside of the signing event. It’s complicated and I’ll probably try to explain it again in another post. Eventually.)

I actually had a point to that previous paragraph, and it was this: I got to make some people who write–and draw–beautifully light up with a few words of my own. I loved that, I loved being able to give them the same fizzy-fuzzy feeling I get when people tell me they like my stuff. Getting stuff signed was a nice bonus, because I was happy enough to tell them things like ‘this is my favorite by you’ or ‘If I have the chance I want you to do my next cover’ or even just ‘I love the way you write’.

All in all, I’m glad I went, I’m glad there are such awesome people in the world, and I’m looking forward to Atlanta like you wouldn’t believe. (And if you have swag preferences, let me know…)