Free Read Leads To Questions:

So I picked up The Virginian; partly because the excerpt made it sound interesting, partly because it’s listed under gay/lesbian (which, for a book published in 1902, was intriguing enough on its own), and partly because I have yet to understand the allure of the Gay Cowboy archetype.

So far, the only hints that there might be any same-sex action is the narrator remarking that he wishes The Virginian (I forget if he has an actual name) would like him; later he mentions that TV does something that makes Narrator love him. The line that makes me sit up and say ‘Que? I mean, huh?’ is this one:

“We were thorough friends, and had exchanged many confidences both of the flesh and of the spirit.”

…I’m not entirely sure what that means, or what it was intended to mean. I know what it sounds like, to me–but who knows if my interpretation is the one the author was expecting.