Back into the swing of things…

It’s been way too long since I last felt this fluttery panicky ugh they’re gonna hate it I know it/woo they’re gonna love it! and ME! and woo! and and and! sensation.

In other news, I just submitted the first story that I’ve finished in I can’t even remember. It had come to the point where I was picking at the littlest thing, so I knew it was time for it to go — otherwise, I’d end up trying to rewrite it and miss the deadline entirely.

The story is a revision of Jack and The Beanstalk for Sassafras Lowrey’s Leather Ever After anthology. It features a smart-alec, an eccentric, and a beanstalk that gives new meaning to the phrase ‘house plant’, which is really par for the course around here.

That’s all the excitement that is exciting around here, for the moment. Now to go look at other deadlines and figure out what’s next.

Wow, I haven’t done that for a while…

Just sent off two stories, to two separate places. Once again, they’re both Benny and Phil stories; fortunately, they’re not the same story.

Waiting to hear back on these two is going to be even more difficult than usual. I’m trying really, really hard not to expect rejection based on the use of Phil’s POV, even though I can understand completely why they would.

After all, I didn’t think Max and Trev would ever find an audience outside of their biggest fan, and I’ve sold more Max and Trev stories than anyone else. Who’s to say that my dyslexic gangster and his bookworm baby won’t find one, too?

Kind of you, but no.

Got a rejection on Neighbors, today. Not a big deal, actually — I think I would have been more surprised if the story had been accepted, for various reasons that I don’t think I’ll discuss here. (For the record, because I’ve been shouted at before: the quality of the piece(s) submitted are not among said reasons.)

The rejection letter was fine, but the editor expressed the hope that I’d try again in the future. I’m afraid I won’t, given my track record with both said editor and their own publishing house. It’s not that I’ve had nothing but rejections and am full of bile and seething resentment, not at all. It’s that I don’t think we’re a good fit for one another.

I wish them all the best of luck, and hope they got lots of stories that they loved, but I’m just going to save us all the time and trouble by removing them from my ‘to submit to’ list.