I’ve hit a wall. Well, sort of. I got to about 235,000 words in my Emo Space Dudes story and realized that I’ve kind of painted myself into a corner with part of the plot. I’m still pretty excited about the story overall, though.

I sent it to a beta reader, so I’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I’ve been watching/reading a whole bunch of really disparate things and they’re all starting to mush together in the back of my head, hooray!

And that’s about all the excitement that is exciting, other than someone just brought me dinner. Yum!

So. I kind of fell off the face of the earth.

Sorry about that.

I don’t even really have a good explanation of where I’ve been for the last two years, either. I’ve still been writing, and I’ve been doing all right in terms of my mental health, but blogging just kind of took a back seat to everything else that was going on in my life.

One of the most notable things that I’ve done in the recent past is that I finished A Reading From The Epistles! And then I went looking for a refresher on submitting things and discovered that my publisher has shifted their focus to pretty much contemporaries and contemporaries only. I’m not going to get into specifics about how I feel about that, because I honestly do still love them, but I am needless to say rather disappointed.

Of course, when you take three years to get off your ass and finish a story instead of the six or so months it should have taken, you really only have yourself to blame when you’re blindsided by things like that. (In other words: It’s my own damn fault, so I should pretty much suck it up.) On the other hand, when the rights to ILLUMETH come back to me, I’m basically in a place where I can combine the two of them to make a short novel.

Speaking of novels! I’m currently working on a story about Emo Space Dudes Being Emo In Spaaaaaace, and I’m closing in on 195,000 words. Yes, one hundred ninety-five thousand words. And I’m not done! There are still holes in it where I have literally written [This is where the explanation of (event) goes, just as soon as I figure it out and write it down.], among other things.

In addition to the amazing word count (because I don’t write novels, that’s what actual novelists do! I write weird little novellas about weird people!), the story is written in a linear fashion, where Event A leads to Event B leads to Event C, naturally and organically; it’s written basically in chronological order, where I wrote Event B between Event A and Event C instead of writing Event G, Event Y, Event B, then going back and wedging Events A and C in where they go; and I’ve avoided using massive time-skips in order to either avoid the boring but important stuff or to get to the fun stuff faster.

This is a first for me. I’ve got a couple of stories that have broken the 100K mark, but they’re all messes — huge holes, huge leaps of months or even years, scenes out of order, etc. This story is–well, it’s still a first draft, so it’s not in any kind of shape to be submitted, but it’s far closer to it than the rest of the long stories I’ve worked on.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to end it, though, given the protagonists I’ve set up. I have a few options, and I’ll see how things shake out when I get there. I also need a title, because while my working title of ‘Emo Space Dudes’ is descriptive (and probably pretty memorable), it’s not exactly, ah… Marketing friendly? Or entirely accurate, since they do more than sit around and whinge about how terrible their lives are because [reasons]. (And they have good reasons to be sad about their lives, but they’re working diligently to cope with/move beyond their issues.)

In other news: we moved, Mr. Hairy The Cat passed away, I got a new-to-me car, I got a new dog-walking client that has me walking an average of about four miles a week, my brother moved in with his girlfriend, my Unofficial Nieces are going into the fifth and fourth grades respectively, and we finally had a proper winter with plenty of snow instead of *snow that melts and freezes into ice followed by freezing rain that freezes into ice followed by a thaw and then more snow that melts and freezes into ice, repeat from * until spring. But climate change isn’t real.

That’s about all the news that is news around here. Hope you’ve all been well!

I need a keeper.

But until I come into my fortune, I’ll just muddle along.

Anyway: Hi! How’ve you been? Had a good holiday, whatever you might celebrate? I hope so, and I hope this next year is full of lovely things for you.

My holidays were…odd, this year. Not bad, just…not what I was expecting, in terms of atmosphere. In terms of how I’m doing on the whole gift-exchange thing, um… Well. *Cough* *Shuffle* Thank you for asking!

On the writing front, I’ve battled my way free of most of my fandom plotbunnies. I’ve also decided to try a 365-days-of-writing thing, which is actually a modified version of something I found on Tumblr (which is a challenge to write a story (or part of one) every day of the year). I’m doing pretty well, so far — I think I’m 9/10, at the moment.

Also, watching Supernatural on Netflix and reading an epic (and awesome) SPN ‘fic kicked some things loose in my head and I’ve been working on a new Ezekiel and Justinian story. Yay original fiction! Oh, and Sexy Sailors is out, which is lovely.

And Now It’s Time For Randomness Theater!

A handful of shiny bits plucked out of the lint in my head:

– I was just looking at the search terms that led people to this page. Most of them were pretty pedestrian, but someone did come looking for “terms of endearment for a cat”.

Someone else found me by looking for “bad reviews (of) the wishing box”. I hope they weren’t too disappointed by what they found here, since I haven’t written one. (I don’t think I’ve ever seen one, either, to be honest.)

– The incredibly stressful situation that led to my last post seems to be resolved. I’m not entirely sure I quite believe that to be true, yet… I’ll give it another week.

– The New Thing I was excited about on Twitter? Crashed after about 3700 words. I’m currently poking at an alternate idea for the same project, which seems like it will actually work out better.

– It’s SPRING. The birds are building nests and the snow is melting and there’s SUNLIGHT and soon there will be GREEN GROWING THINGS, you know, GROWING, and I can SEE MY GARDEN and and and– Yeah, I’m a little excited about that.

– Want to know what I’ve been looking up this week? Check out my boards on Pinterest. (There’s not a whole lot there, yet. It’s almost as big a time-sink as Tumblr, though, so I can’t spend a lot of time just looking at everyone else’s stuff.)

…And that’s about it, for the moment. Time to go see if I really do remember how that whole “writing” thing works.

“Radio Silence” would make a good band name.

I had a very strange dream this morning; strange and disturbing all at once. In it, I was either a detective, an assistant, or merely an observer for an autopsy. Before the person performing the autopsy could get very far, I began feeling sick and told them “I can’t do this”. Instead of throwing up, however, I sort of half-coughed up a huge wad of rubbery grey…stuff. Half, in this case, being literal — I couldn’t get it out. Not even pulling on it helped, because it just stretched and broke.

I woke up in a state of panic, only to discover that I wasn’t actually choking on anything and that I was physically okay.

I don’t need anyone to interpret the dream, nor do I need to look it up in any dictionary: I know exactly what it represents. (Well, most of it; I’m not sure about the autopsy part, but as I occasionally dream that I am other people, it may have merely been my subconscious giving me a reason to start retching. I’m pretty sure that I could handle observing an autopsy, for the most part.)

I haven’t been able to write much, lately, to the point that I’ve had to give up on my story for the Love Is Always Write event. I feel choked, stifled, and maybe even a little panicky about the first two things — and my brain was simply confirming what I already know.

This may be my last post here for a while, too. I won’t wander away forever, and you can always contact me via email – cwright.writes at, and don’t forget the period – but for now, I need to be quiet.

Pot Luck II: Net Access; Endings And Beginnings

Net Access: I have some! Finally. Long story short: always write down your ridiculously complex/utterly random network password in your best handwriting, and make sure your numbers do not look like letters. Your guests will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

Endings And Beginnings: I’m not going to make DSP’s Higher Learning anthology’s deadline. On the one hand, that’s fine — I’m not entirely sure that they’d take my story (not enough college-y content) and I’ve been waiting for an ending to present itself to me, which it hasn’t. On the other, I’m disappointed, because it’s a sort of failure. I could present an itemized list, complete with graphic examples, of the factors that brought me to this point, but in the end it all boils down to the fact that I didn’t do the work.

I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to make the deadline for Mr. Plakcy’s Sexy Sailor call, either; again, it’s the ending that’s tripping me up. The characters and the story are just kind of standing around, being mopey, and I can’t figure out how to poke them with a stick to make them get a move on. Again, part of that’s my fault–the story presented itself to me with the twin themes of the quick and the dead–but it’s not easy to write a character who, when nudged, says “Look, I’m not interested in much of anything right now. Talk to me later, okay?”

On the other hand, I’ve started a couple of things–a seriously random thing involving dragons, and a couple of less-random things for a couple of different sub calls. Also, I am considering starting something new (yes, yes, I know) involving naga. I don’t have anything more concrete than that, at the moment. I’ver already written about a humanoid squid, how much weirder can it be to write about half-human/half-snakes? (Yeah, I know about the reproductive systems of (certain) snakes. I have to admit that that’s part of why I’ve only got a gauzy sort of impulse hanging around in the back of my head, at the moment.)

And now I should go away to write. That would be good…