Because I’m Super-Avoider, Author Who Won’t Write! today…

I read the latest post over at Michelle and Reesa’s blog, then re-read Reesa’s post about the people out there who don’t like your (whoever you may be) story.

I second most of what she said, but I just want to add that I’ve recently encountered two readers whose reactions were… Well, startling. The first one complained because she got the plot outlined in the blurb. Yeah, that was my reaction, too: since when is it a problem to get the story the blurb promises? Maybe on Bizarro Earth, but in this reality?

The second one is a bit more problematic, because the guy makes valid (rudely stated, but valid) points about the story. Only thing is, he’s whining because I wrote the story that was asked for, and it wasn’t what he wanted — however, he wasn’t the one who requested the story.

You can’t really argue with that kind of thing. Well, you can, but you’ll end up a depressed monotreme. I’ve written a couple different responses to the second guy, and am about to draft a third. I have another post to write, first, however.

Here’s a happy problem:

I’m working on the cover art spec sheet for Tobias’s* Own, and I have no idea what my guys look like. This isn’t unusual, for me — I almost never know what they look like, though I did see a guy at the grocery store tonight that would be perfect to use as a model for Christopher — but it is kind of annoying when it comes to things like this.

You know what? This is really happening. I’m working on cover art for my story. That means it’s really going to be published, and people are really going to be reading it. I may really have to go hide under a rock for a week when it is and they do, but I always feel that way.

* Not a typo. Apparently, the Chicago Manual of Style says words ending with a sibilant still take the apostrophe-S possessive form. House style trumps my “it looks funny! And that’s not what I was taught!” every time.