Well, that was cool.

Just paid for part of my registration for GRL with money I earned from my writing. A seriously awesome feeling, and it counteracts the OMGPANIC! that Small Mind is trying to drown me with — after all, now I have to GO, and interact, and be social and stuff. With people I don’t know.

It will be fine, I know this. I was just as nervous about going to Sakura-Con the first time, and I had a great time, after all. A bunch of writers and a bunch of readers who love them, what could be more fun?

Plus, I’m going with my best friend, who told me in no uncertain terms that it didn’t matter how old I am, I am not allowed to go to NOLA by myself. There’s all sorts of wonderful things to see, too, and the food is probably going to be worth the price of the flight alone, so.