Reading List

So I’ve been reading a fair amount, lately, and I thought I’d tell you about it. So far, I’ve read:

    Boots, by Angel Martinez. A contemporary take on the classic tale of Puss In Boots, with a twist. There were parts of it that made me squirm and one passage that made me yell, but the ending is worth the trip.

    The Locker Room, by Amy Lane. Amy has a knack for writing characters that you want to hug while whacking them with a shoe, as well as stories that make you ache and cheer. (I also love Talker/Talker’s Redemption; don’t read the dedication for Talker until after you finish it (it’s spoilery) and it does involve rape, just FYI.)

    Mongrel, by K. Z. Snow. A riff on the classic theme of not judging by appearances, the world of Mongrel is deliciously drawn, and the characters are intriguing. It’s also got funny bits in, which is always a plus.

    Jump First, by Charles Edwards. Another story about things–and people–not always being as they seem. It’s fairly sweet, involves writers, and may take you back to the first time you had a crush on someone.

    Visible Friend, by K. Z. Snow. This is a hard one to talk about, because I’m still not sure what I think of the whole of it. I loved parts of it — the epilogue was a bittersweet surprise, and if it had come at the beginning of the story, I don’t think it would have had nearly the same effect — and parts of it… It’s not that I hate them, it’s just that I need to think about them for a while. It’s not a bad book, by any means. It has a hopeful ending, for Denny and Chris; the epilogue answers at least one question from the main story. There’s angst and regret, but it’s not Misery Lit, not at all.

I’m in the process of reading The Inventor’s Companion, by Ariel Tachna. It’s pretty good, so far, but I’m only about halfway through. I’ll have more of an opinion when I see where the plot goes. It’s a well-defined world, too, without being full of infodumps.

And that’s about it, for now.

It’s 3:30 AM and I’m all out of clever.

I am, however, full of glee. Michelle Moore and S. Reesa Herberth are giving away an Advance Reading Copy of their latest Ylendrian Empire novel, The Slipstream Con. Entering is as easy as clicking here and retweeting the post you find there.

Speaking of lovely…

The Balance Of Silence is first on my list of books to buy in September. (I would buy it sooner, but alas, it's not out until the 14th.) From the description of the book itself:

Warning: This book contains fluffy blond hair, sugary soda that will rot your teeth out, one unfortunate first name, and one mute amnesiac with a sarcasm fetish, all wrapped up in two selfless but mildly unstable guys who accidentally find their happily ever after. In SPACE!

It's not quite as wacky as that makes it sound–in fact, it touches on some pretty serious themes–but it does have some delightfully funny moments. It's a great story, written by two spiffy people (neither of which are me), and well worth your time.