What’s that, rising from the deep? Is it a monster? A large blob of seaweed? No…

…it’s just me. Hi. *Wavewave* Still not dead! Just reeeeeally busy, with spotty internet access. That’s not important! What’s important is that I have an announcement:

Michelle has a new book out! If Wishes Were Coffee, published by Less Than Three Press. It’s not a direct sequel to Enchanted Grounds, but there is a family relation. Set in the town of Playa Escondida, it’s the story of two guys who really need to get their acts together and the coffee-shop patron that gives them the kick in the pants that just might do it.

Michelle’s also going on a blog tour, the details of which can be found on her post here. Go! Comment there for a chance to win a copy of your own! Reeeeeead it! (It’s Michelle. You know it’s going to be good.)


So I went to GRL. It was AWESOME. I went as my alter ego (and a reader) and it turned out that people kinda sorta vaguely recognized me! It was probably the pink hair, because it’s pretty damn memorable. (Next year, it will be actually-pink, and I will not need a haircut as badly as I did this year.)

I mentioned next year, because yeah. I am SO TOTALLY GOING. And as an author, which means I have to figure out what kind of swag I’m going to take — at least I have plenty of time. And I am hoping to have a few more stories out, so that I can actually have some recent swag (or recent stuff to talk about, anyway).

Did I mention it was awesome? Because it was. I usually avoid anything that you could generally label as part of having a social life (i.e. going to bars/parties, concerts*, etc.), but I didn’t have any problems with crowds at GRL. Maybe because they were small, but more, I think, because everyone was so damn awesome that I never felt like I was lost inside an overwhelming group that had no interest in the people that made it up. (I don’t know, it’s a bad analogy. Trust me: I was so comfortable with the social aspects of GRL that the only reason I didn’t get up and sing at karaoke was the fact that the DJ didn’t have either of the songs that I wanted, and I had no idea if karaoke versions of either exist. Normally, you couldn’t PAY me enough to sing in front of a bunch of people I didn’t really know.)

I had to mail my swag (and my books) home. I read both of the books I saved out, and they were both great — I’m pretty sure I had people in both Denver and Seattle thinking that I was kind of crazy because I was grinning and laughing at both stories. (In other news: The Gravedigger’s Brawl by Abigail Roux and One Small Thing by Piper Vaughn and M.J. O’Shea are totally worth buying in any format. I happened to be able to get them in paperback (and then signed, woo!), but whatever’s good for you.)

Speaking of getting things signed… I was so glad for the signing event on Saturday, because it meant that I got to find people that I’d been wanting to blither fannishly at and do so without coming across as a stalker. (What can I say? I’ve been reading the various ‘Dude, don’t be a fucking creeper at a con!’ posts that Scalzi and friends have put up this summer. As someone who tends to be painfully self-conscious in the presence of Very Cool People I Don’t Know, I figured it was just safer to keep to myself instead of seeking them out outside of the signing event. It’s complicated and I’ll probably try to explain it again in another post. Eventually.)

I actually had a point to that previous paragraph, and it was this: I got to make some people who write–and draw–beautifully light up with a few words of my own. I loved that, I loved being able to give them the same fizzy-fuzzy feeling I get when people tell me they like my stuff. Getting stuff signed was a nice bonus, because I was happy enough to tell them things like ‘this is my favorite by you’ or ‘If I have the chance I want you to do my next cover’ or even just ‘I love the way you write’.

All in all, I’m glad I went, I’m glad there are such awesome people in the world, and I’m looking forward to Atlanta like you wouldn’t believe. (And if you have swag preferences, let me know…)

Have you been waiting for More Awesome Story?

Well, you’ll have to keep waiting–it’s not quite done, what with the editing and the cover art and the pineapples and all–but Reesa posted a little taste of the next Ylendrian Empire novel.

Happy May Day!

Happy Beltane, too.

In less smirk-inducing news, May marks two anniversaries: Dreamspinner Press’s 5th, and my 2nd! I’m not planning on doing anything particularly exciting to mark mine, but Dreamspinner is having quite the party — every week this month, they’re putting a different batch of authors on sale, corresponding to the year they were signed by DSP. (My stories will be on sale during either the 3rd or 4th week.) Keep an eye on the front page of the site to see what else they’re up to.

Tobias’s Own Adventure is also turning 1 this year — on Thursday, May 25th. I’m kind of boggled that it’s been out that long. Maybe I’ll post a little excerpt from somewhere else in the story.

*Happy sigh*

So I just finished rereading Shea Meiers’s The Wishing Box. It’s like a Christmas cookie, really, but better in that you can reread it as many times as you want.

And if you’re reading The Wishing Box, you might as well read Michelle’s Enchanted Grounds — it’s sweet in both the traditional sense and in the non-explicit sense (a few kisses, but nothing else).

As for me, I think I’m going to go work on my shy snake-boys story in hopes of giving it away for Pancha Ganapati.

Pot Luck 4: Edits, Sequels, Books

Edits: The master document for First Flight is in the DONE pile. All I need now is cover art and a release date and I’m set.

Sequels: For the first time ever, I have a plot and a title for the next Chris-and-Jesse story. I’m trying very, very diligently NOT to work on it before the start of November. I have no idea if I’ll manage any NaNo writing this year, but I’m going to try — even if it means locking myself in my room.

Books: All I wanted to do was buy some books. Thanks to random passwords that I can never remember and a lack of PayPal, I wasn’t able to buy them from the publisher’s site — but I managed to get them through All Romance eBooks. I even earned myself a free book, thanks to their ‘buy ten titles, get one free’ promo; on top of that, I had about $7 in ebook-bucks, so I ended up with even more books than I intended to get. (And my to-buy pile is STILL huge. Sigh.)

Dear Companies: you exist to make money. When you sell something I want (like books full of Awesome Story, written by people I know and/or am a fan of), you make it easy for me to want to give you money. The second half of that equation is, of course, making it easy for me to give you that money. Making it easy for money to flow from me to you nets you a profit, which you can then share with the people who will then write you more Awesome Stories, which in turn brings me back to give you more money. It’s truly a win-win-win all the way around. When you make it difficult for me to give you money, it makes me crabby and less likely to sing your praises. This is not good, to put it mildly.

Please make it easy for me to give you money,


Connor W., book fiend

The Once And Future Book…

The first volume of the Hot Summer Days project is out: Don’t Read In The Closet Volume One. It covers release days 1 to 19, and does include my story Gone To Pieces. (It’s highly explicit, involving D/s and a cyborg designed and purchased as nothing more than an incredibly complex sex toy.) The other important parts are that the whole thing is free, and there are three more volumes after this one. If you’re not a member of the Goodreads M/M Romance group, or if you know someone who wants to get their feet wet in the M/M end of the pool without spending much/any money, this is a great collection. It has stories of every kind (cowboys, sci-fi, sweet, funny) and every length; it has some great authors, both published and unpublished (until now).

I really enjoyed this project, and I’d love to do it again, both as an author and a reader. (I have to admit that I have a letter all ready to go for next time, if there is one. Heh.)

As for my latest release… I got the galley proof today! So now I have to check it over and figure out if there’s anything else that needs a last-second tweak before it goes off to the formatter/publisher. After that, it’s deciding on cover art (which I am looking forward to like…like you don’t even know) and then, then! It’s pre-release jitters and then the release. It’ll be out either in November or December, and as soon as I have a date, I’ll post it all over creation.

And now for Ylendrian Empire news!

Because there can never be too many reminders of how awesome Michelle and Reesa are. So!

Kellen Frey would like to tell you about his favorite places in the ‘verse.
– Reesa and Michelle have a new free read: Want, Take, Have, which features Tal, Van, and Kellen celebrating their anniversary, woot!
– Michelle and Reesa were also interviewed over at Friskbiskit.
– If you like dead-tree versions of books, The Slipstream Con in PRINT is now available for preorder at Amazon. (And no, no one knows why Reesa is the only author listed–not even Reesa! At least the cover has it right.)
– Reesa and Michelle are also working on Tal, Kellen, and Vanya prequels. <-- This? Makes me squeak with glee. It's undignified, but what else is new?

Reading List Update:

Black Mustard: Justice, by Dallas Coleman. Bayou hoodoo brings an asshole prosecutor low. It’s your typical jerk-learns-a-lesson-about-humanity-and-humility story, but it’s sweet and funny. I do have to admit to a bias, first–I have a Thing for characters with difficulties in communication–but it’d be good even if I didn’t.