I Made A Good Point.

I was just skimming over the copy of First Flight* that I started to keep track of my pre-editing edits and came across a note to myself that I’d forgotten writing. The context is as follows: Kevin is trying to worm his way back into Jesse’s good graces by being friendly with Christopher. Kevin, in an attempt to bond with poor Chris, is trying to get him to go somewhere, and offers several options. One of them is a strip club; specifically one with topless female waitstaff.

Yeah, read that again. My note says: This is a weird question, considering that the three guys involved in the relationship are all, y’know, GAY AS DAD’S OLD HATBAND. So I should probably do something about that.

On a related note (heh), I have no idea where I picked up the phrase ‘gay as dad’s old hatband’. I think it may have predated my internet years, so maybe a library book?

* No. Still not tired of that whole “I sold a story!” thing.

I don't get it, at all.

I wandered over to I Write Like…, just to see what it would make of my latest stuff. The first thing I fed it–my 89-page epic featuring extra-dimensional beings and rather a lot of fairly-graphic sex–netted me Margret Mitchell. I'm not sure if it's the sheer length, the fact that one of the character tends to give other characters nicknames which are then treated as their given names, or just why I got that.

However, I can understand getting compared to Ms. Mitchell. What I do not get, on the other hand, is how my air-pirate not-quite-adventure story got me James Joyce. No real sex, some kissing, plenty of proper grammar and punctuation, no run-on sentences (as far as I know)… *Shrug* It's weird, but hey. It also said I write like Dan Brown, so I'm thinking maybe it doesn't know what to do with my stories.