Some name resources…

National Geographic has put together a very cool interactive map of surnames across the US. I’d love to see one of these for other countries, honestly.

Baby Name Wizard’s Name Mapper – see where and when a name was most popular, by year from 1960 to 2009. (US only, as far as I know.)

My favorite Wikipedia category: Surnames. (I particularly love the lists of common surnames by country. So useful!)

Behind The Name is great for finding first names by country, especially when you’re looking for things like ‘Cornish’ and ‘Breton’.

A new hat!

A figurative one, anyway — real ones tend to make my head hot.

I got into writing on purpose, but a lot of my stories come about by accident: usually because I start with one idea and my characters wrench the tiller from my hands and adjust the sails to their liking and we all end up somewhere else.

This new hat I’m trying on, it’s kind of an accident, too. I joined the YA GLBT Books (née YA M/M Romance) group on Goodreads because despite my advancing years, I still read YA books. Hell, I will read (okay, look at) picture books, too, if it comes down to it. If I come across Fox In Socks at a store, I can’t go on with my shopping until I have at least read the tweedle beetle battle. Out loud.

Anyway, my point is, I didn’t actually mean to put on the hat of a YA Author, but it seems to have slipped onto my head anyhow. I’m not complaining–far from it–I’m just kind of surprised. Kind of excited, too, because this means I have a shot at getting some of the completely RANDOM things I’ve written out into the world, which is always fun.

Thing is, if I’m going to write YA stuff, I’ll probably need to use a different name. Probably nothing radical–C. J. Wright, perhaps. Or maybe I’ll drop the C and go with Julian Wright instead. I’m trying to decide whether I should add a subdomain here, or if I should bite the bullet and have a separately-hosted site… A tumblr, maybe.

Before I do any of that, though, I should really have something to offer in terms of YA content, which means polishing up my . It will be M/M for now, though I may branch out in the future. I’ll make sure everything’s clearly labeled, no worries.

Now I have to try to decide if I should change a character’s name or not. Hmm…