Taking No For An Answer

Today, I’ve encountered three different people who didn’t want to take my “no, thank you” at face value.

The most recent was a three-year-old; since that’s really par for the course, she oughtn’t count. The other two, however, were grown men–definitely old enough to know better.

The first guy was trying to sell me meat from the back of a truck. Granted, it was a company truck and door-to-door sales has been the company’s MO for ever, but still. I didn’t live at the house they stopped at, the people there are nearly vegan, and we don’t eat that much meat at my actual home either. I gave him these reasons, and he kept trying to persuade me. He was cute, and kept smiling at me, but I doubt there was anything more to it than wanting to make a sale.

It was strange experience, though, and led me to thinking about the fact that at least when it comes to sex, my characters are really up front about consent. I can think of at least three stories I’ve written/am writing off the top of my head where one partner tells the other at least twice that if they wanna say “no”, it’s fine. (This kind of drives me crazy, to be honest. You said that once already! I’m pretty sure he hasn’t forgotten in the last five minutes. Even if I forgot that you had already taken off your pants/were wearing a button-front shirt when he put the handcuffs on you/gave you a polo shirt and a necktie…)

Then I realized that no one has ever taken them up on it, which is also interesting. Probably because by the time the subject of sex comes up, both of them are beyond ready to quit fooling around and just get on with it already.