Taking No For An Answer

Today, I’ve encountered three different people who didn’t want to take my “no, thank you” at face value.

The most recent was a three-year-old; since that’s really par for the course, she oughtn’t count. The other two, however, were grown men–definitely old enough to know better.

The first guy was trying to sell me meat from the back of a truck. Granted, it was a company truck and door-to-door sales has been the company’s MO for ever, but still. I didn’t live at the house they stopped at, the people there are nearly vegan, and we don’t eat that much meat at my actual home either. I gave him these reasons, and he kept trying to persuade me. He was cute, and kept smiling at me, but I doubt there was anything more to it than wanting to make a sale.

It was strange experience, though, and led me to thinking about the fact that at least when it comes to sex, my characters are really up front about consent. I can think of at least three stories I’ve written/am writing off the top of my head where one partner tells the other at least twice that if they wanna say “no”, it’s fine. (This kind of drives me crazy, to be honest. You said that once already! I’m pretty sure he hasn’t forgotten in the last five minutes. Even if I forgot that you had already taken off your pants/were wearing a button-front shirt when he put the handcuffs on you/gave you a polo shirt and a necktie…)

Then I realized that no one has ever taken them up on it, which is also interesting. Probably because by the time the subject of sex comes up, both of them are beyond ready to quit fooling around and just get on with it already.

And this is just a partial list.

So I was thinking about just how many stories have in the works at any given time, and thought it would be interesting to count up the characters. So far, I ended up with 41 relationships (some of which are between three people, or are rather complicated).

Most of the names on this list belong to men, but there are a few women in there, too.

Chris & Jesse
Trix & Jens
Kelvath & Avrath
Marc, Vic, & Tikka
Cadith & Aaron
Caled & Séraphin
Brick & Tesla
Medyr & Ydfran
Dean, Silvestre, & Eric
Bunchberry, Catkin, & Sweetfern
Finch & Herbert
Maus, Henry, Rick, & Conrad (technically, though, Rick isn't my character)
Cricket & Globemallow (née Marune)
Groundsel & Sedge
Kivithiri & Stitchwort
Max & Trev
Benny & Phil
Tobias & Philippe
Jamie & Chester
Stacy & Oliver
Bart & Sylvie
Fletcher & Montgomery
Noah & Arden
Button & Thimble
Celyn & Taffy
Shawn & Royal
Max & Eli
Jason & Izzy
Dustin & Niko
Doyle & Sonny
Jimmy & Dov
Gabriel & Izri
Amraphel & Josiah
Will & Levi
Jasper & Micah
Kendall (Kick) & Justin
Caleb, Hanoki, & Master Segretti
Innocenzio & Julian
Hadrian & Alan
Pers & Cordialis
Aster & Fescue
Decimus & Rutilus

It's a good thing we don't burn heretics, these days.

At least not usually, and not in North America, as far as I know. ANYHOW.

So, in the course of writing this new thing involving a Roman and a Gaul, I needed to know if there were any deities particularly associated with things like 'putting up with well-meaning relatives' or 'finally telling someone that you're not getting married to the miller's daughter no matter how much of a dowry she comes with'.

The short answer is 'not really'. There's Mars (courage), and possibly Hermaphroditus ([bi]sexuality; only problem is that Hermaphroditus is Greek, not Roman, and may only be a fringe sort of God/dess that may not have been known in my story's relatively small town.). 

So while I was perusing the lists of ROman Gods and Goddesses, I realized that there were a LOT of them for all kinds of things. Things like, "children leaving the home of their parents for the first time"; door handles, hinges, and thresholds; "children as they learned to eat solid foods".

The list looks an awful lot like the Giant List Of Saints, who are dedicated to everything from Aachen (Germany) to Zutphen (Nederlands). It's just that the names and rituals have changed a little.