As soon as I have a date, I will mention it.

A street-date, not a date-date. Although if by some miracle– Book, right.

So I wrote this story about Tobias and how he keeps getting kidnapped. I just turned in the galley proof corrections, which means that I’m done. I picked out the cover; my editor(s) and I fixed as many of the issues as we could. Now all that’s left is those last-minute tweaks, and then it’s time for Tobias and friends to stand on their own two feet.

I can’t wait and I’m terrified at the same time. I love the cover, I feel better about the story than I have in months (though I was just thinking that I really didn’t need some of the ellipses that are still in the story and that counts as massaging and that’s not what the galley proof was for), and I can still see the warty bits that critics will not love.

At least I never billed it as a pure historical — I was washing my hair the other day and suddenly realized that I never bothered to check on Luxembourg’s timeline. I just assumed it existed when I needed it to. (I still haven’t looked, because it’s too late and TOA is an AU/AH anyhow.)

I will stop freaking out about this, right now, and go do something constructive. Like trying that whole sleeping thing again.