New Book! (A.K.A I’m not dead yet.)

the cover for Sexy Sailors, featuring an American naval sailor with ribbons on his shirt and his sea bag over his shoulder

Sexy Sailors, edited by Neil Plakcy.

Sexy Sailors is out! You can grab a copy from Cleis Press, if you’d like.

Mine is Boots For The Goddess: the story of a fisherman and the blacksmith who stays behind; of sacrifice and loss. It’s also full of sex, cute nicknames, and I gave Kelvi my hair’s lack of cooperation with combs.

As for my continued presence among the living… Yeah. I’m still swimming back to the surface from my most recent plunge into fandom!, so I’m still pretty distracted by the pretty. And the funny, and the shiny, and…

I’m aiming to wrench myself away from the distracty fun and get back to work sometime soon, because as much as I love my newest insanity-laden community, I love getting paid for my work more. …But I might wait until the first of the year before I do, what with the holidays and stuff coming up.

Also, I leave you with an example of the insanity that BBC Sherlock inspires: The Benedict Cumberbatch Song (CAUTION: Catchy. Loud. WEIRD.) (Cumberbatch plays Holmes.)

This was a triumph…

(Apologies if you now have that song stuck in your head. I’m muddling my way through Half-Life 2, and every time someone mentions Black Mesa, I hear GlaDOS in my head.)

Anyway! Successes abound, at the moment. I have, as of this moment, A) gotten myself a ticket to go see MCR this fall, with parking and everything; and B) FINISHED my Hot July Days story. I have to let it sit for a couple of days, now, and then go back and make sure that everything’s spelled right and formatted correctly, but that’s the easy part.

I’m still happy over that whole ‘sold another story’ thing, too, but that’s not new.