What am I working on?

About a million different things. I’ll pick four or five, though.

– Untitled Historical: A love story set in/against the Battle(s) of New Orleans. Features a potter’s apprentice, the potter’s son, mild piracy, clay, disliked Brits, and smut.
This is sort of an unusual story for me, in that the framework is a pure historical — no magic, no boys who used to be something else, no paranormal elements, no alteration of the actual events of history. The research has been a blast, though. (I’m off to do more this afternoon, in fact.) It’s a teeny bit of an AU in that no one kills my protagonists for simply existing. (Have I mentioned how I just don’t do Misery Lit?)

– Schooling Rhys (working title): Another Max and Trevor story! Features Trevor fulfilling one of Max’s fantasies while other people watch.
I’m hoping to get this one finished in time to submit it to an anthology of College Students stories. Other than that, it’s typical Max/Trev, with Max being a smartass to get exactly what he wants and Trevor loving to give it to him.

– Untitled Contemporary: The Threatened Cyclist Thing. Features a punny name, a guy who gets little pleasure out of being a hardass, and one very damaged bike racer.
I have no idea where this is going, or if it will ever be salable. I thought it was going to be dumb/funny, and instead Perry took off in a completely different direction, leaving me to sit in the dust and gawp like an idiot.

– Untitled Paranormal-ish Contemporary menage: They’re not demons, they’re just…Others. Features an anything-you-want-me-to-be-baby eater of souls, an infovore, and the human man they love.
Dallas Blackwell has survived six months in Finland* and a bank robbery. All he wants to do is go home, have sex with his husband, and maybe order a pizza. Instead, he walks in on one last insulting injury: his husband is in bed with not one but two other men. After that, there’s a divorce, Christmas with the family, tattoos, Dallas finally gets to have sex, and a discussion of how to talk about someone who doesn’t have a fixed gender being kind-of-pregnant. (It’s NOT Mpreg, I promise! And it’s hard to boil down into a blurb.)

* Dallas loved Finland. He would have loved it more if he’d had his husband around, though in retrospect it was all for the best.

Stuff I Am Currently Considering:

– Next month is (inter) National Masturbation Month (Warning: popup(s) and annoying pizza hut advertising, for those of you without adblocker.). I will write more than one single story, this year. I am open to requests/suggestions — a particular character, scenario/setting, etc.

– A BDSM thing featuring a guy who has kind of given up on his culture’s hookup-festivals because he just doesn’t get the same kind of delight out of them that his friends do… Until the year he meets someone who offers him something different.

– A story featuring a cowboy (one of the few overdone character archetypes I can bear to write) who inherits or otherwise ends up in a castle. And that’s about as far as I’ve gotten, with that one.

Oh, hi, cycling season!

Watching the rerun of the Ronde van Vlaanderen and getting thoroughly distracted. All of those legs.

Also, I think I might be ready to start writing my little story featuring Perry Roubaix*, the big-name cyclist, and his hopelessly-smitten domestique (who still needs a name)…

* Yes, it’s on purpose. Yes, I am easily amused.

I won’t do it.

Because no matter how tempting it is to start something new, featuring a character named Perry Roubaix (Surname) — who, knowing myself as I do, would undoubtedly be a domestique for some big-name cyclist on whom he has a crush or with whom he’s romantically involved — I simply do not need something new. I have entirely too many UFOs as it is. (And if I did start it, I wouldn’t name it ‘Blame It On The Cobbles’ or ‘Blame It On The Champs-Élysées’. …Oh, who am I kidding? I so totally would.)

The Tour de France breaks my brain every year. *Sigh* All those legs.