A lovely surprise in the mail…

Two copies of Model Men, edited by Neil Plakcy.

If I'd known you were coming...

I had no idea that Model Men was out! One of my housemates brought me an envelope–I wasn’t expecting anything from anyone–and when I saw the return address I knew approximately what was inside. They’re even nicer in person, though, with glossy covers and quality paper inside. My story, Still Life With Phillip Delaney, is on page 125, hooray!

And once again, I’ve been published alongside names like Heidi Champa and Rob Rosen, which is just… Well, it’s like the Hot Summer Days collection all over again: you mean it’s okay if my stuff is in the same book as Amy Lane? (I don’t think my stuff sucks, by the way, it’s just one of those ‘those people are FAMOUS!’ things, and I’m a relatively unknown quantity.)

“You got a package todaaaay! :o)”

Most of the time, text messages don’t make me smile. That one, however… I’m still grinning. Unfortunately, I’m not able to go pick it up until tomorrow, but tomorrow, I will go get it. (ANd then there will be pictures!)

It’s from Cleis Press, which means that it’s my copy of Skaters. And as it’s August, that means that Skaters is available for sale — if you’re so inclined, you can pick up a copy right here. There’s something in it for everyone, I think.

It’s almost silly how pleased I am about this.