Eat Me, MindFuck Fiction's first anthology on the theme of gluttony, has been posted for sale. There are seven stories (including Awydd, featuring Max and Trevor), a bookplate, several pictures, and a small meditation on each story from their authors. 

You can grab it at MindFuck's page, and they'll personalize it for you as a bonus. Pretty sweet. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go dance around like I haven't any good sense, because I'm published

Okay, so, remember that news I mentioned?


Yes. *Dances around* I sold Awydd, which is another Max and Trevor story. (Interestingly enough, it does come after Aduniad, though it's not a direct sequel. A bunch of other stuff happens between Aduniad and Awydd.)

It's going to be published as part of MindFuck Fiction's Seven Sexy Sins collection, in the Gluttony volume. As soon as I know exactly what the release date is, I will share it. 

I swear, I am NEVER going to EVER get tired of it: I sold a story!