– About –

My name is Connor Wright, and I am an avid writer.

The name of my site, Awydd, is Welsh. It means desire; it also means want, eagerness, appetite, or avidity. As I write primarily gay erotica (with the odd foray into straight smut), the twofold meaning of the name fits perfectly.

Most of my writing is most easily classified as speculative fiction, since I generally take the every-day and plunk elements of the fantastic into it. I love specfic because it doesn’t really matter how iffy the what-if is, just that it’s there. (For example, What If…a guy discovers that his boyfriend is really a were-salamander?) I have written stuff that’s closer to SciFi and fantasy, but most of it is not so easily defined.

As for me personally… I’m in love with words. I live in the Pacific Northwest; I like to ride my bike; and none of my oh-so-helpful cats can type. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, you can always ask.