– Free Reads –

Free reads, both from the blog and never-before-posted; expanded notes/warnings on individual stories. As always, enjoy or something.

  • Quick And Dirty
      Title: Button Likes Fruit – Rating: G
      Summary: The title says it all, really.
      “Thimble! How was your day? Did you get anything good at the market?”

      Benny And Phil – PG-16
      Phil’s not so sure about the new guy…
      “He’s a snob, ain’t he?”

      A Random Afternoon With Max And Trev – PG-13?
      Love makes people weird.
      “You’re ‘busy’ getting your leathercraft skill out of the two hundreds,” Trevor said, rolling his eyes.

  • Flash
      The Strange Color Of Love – G
      A flash piece only its author can love, maybe.
      As he had changed, so had the colors his hands reached for.

      Chris and Jesse: Under The Sky – R
      Birds have a different idea of what should happen immediately prior to sex.
      “Find pants.” Chris cupped Jesse’s face and leaned forward, kissing him.

      Friday Flash Challenge: Untitled
      What happens when AI meets something that may or may not be supernatural?
      The chamber’s curiosity—riding all the waves of the electromagnetic spectrum—catches gently on the android’s brain, like work-roughened hands on nylon.

  • Bonus Material
      Skater Boys: Will And Levi, Later – R
      Be sure you have your facts in order.
      “Watch my arse? That’s kind of impossible,” Levi says. “Why?”
  • Miscellaneous/I Have No Idea
      Glim and Chrys Vs. the QQB – PG-16
      Brats come in all shapes, sizes, and moralities.
      Chrys cocked his head and watched the two. “That may be. And that man is wearing a lilac coat.”
      Option Three – R
      When it comes to multiple-choice questions, Shelby always wants the answer that’s not listed.
      Bands of light and dark grey chased themselves over the parts of the creature that weren’t wrapped in the same shapeless industrial-beige coverall that were issued to all the “guests”.