So. I kind of fell off the face of the earth.

Sorry about that.

I don’t even really have a good explanation of where I’ve been for the last two years, either. I’ve still been writing, and I’ve been doing all right in terms of my mental health, but blogging just kind of took a back seat to everything else that was going on in my life.

One of the most notable things that I’ve done in the recent past is that I finished A Reading From The Epistles! And then I went looking for a refresher on submitting things and discovered that my publisher has shifted their focus to pretty much contemporaries and contemporaries only. I’m not going to get into specifics about how I feel about that, because I honestly do still love them, but I am needless to say rather disappointed.

Of course, when you take three years to get off your ass and finish a story instead of the six or so months it should have taken, you really only have yourself to blame when you’re blindsided by things like that. (In other words: It’s my own damn fault, so I should pretty much suck it up.) On the other hand, when the rights to ILLUMETH come back to me, I’m basically in a place where I can combine the two of them to make a short novel.

Speaking of novels! I’m currently working on a story about Emo Space Dudes Being Emo In Spaaaaaace, and I’m closing in on 195,000 words. Yes, one hundred ninety-five thousand words. And I’m not done! There are still holes in it where I have literally written [This is where the explanation of (event) goes, just as soon as I figure it out and write it down.], among other things.

In addition to the amazing word count (because I don’t write novels, that’s what actual novelists do! I write weird little novellas about weird people!), the story is written in a linear fashion, where Event A leads to Event B leads to Event C, naturally and organically; it’s written basically in chronological order, where I wrote Event B between Event A and Event C instead of writing Event G, Event Y, Event B, then going back and wedging Events A and C in where they go; and I’ve avoided using massive time-skips in order to either avoid the boring but important stuff or to get to the fun stuff faster.

This is a first for me. I’ve got a couple of stories that have broken the 100K mark, but they’re all messes — huge holes, huge leaps of months or even years, scenes out of order, etc. This story is–well, it’s still a first draft, so it’s not in any kind of shape to be submitted, but it’s far closer to it than the rest of the long stories I’ve worked on.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to end it, though, given the protagonists I’ve set up. I have a few options, and I’ll see how things shake out when I get there. I also need a title, because while my working title of ‘Emo Space Dudes’ is descriptive (and probably pretty memorable), it’s not exactly, ah… Marketing friendly? Or entirely accurate, since they do more than sit around and whinge about how terrible their lives are because [reasons]. (And they have good reasons to be sad about their lives, but they’re working diligently to cope with/move beyond their issues.)

In other news: we moved, Mr. Hairy The Cat passed away, I got a new-to-me car, I got a new dog-walking client that has me walking an average of about four miles a week, my brother moved in with his girlfriend, my Unofficial Nieces are going into the fifth and fourth grades respectively, and we finally had a proper winter with plenty of snow instead of *snow that melts and freezes into ice followed by freezing rain that freezes into ice followed by a thaw and then more snow that melts and freezes into ice, repeat from * until spring. But climate change isn’t real.

That’s about all the news that is news around here. Hope you’ve all been well!