Sometimes it feels good to work.

Just finished up something for one of my day jobs (or middle-of-the-night jobs, considering the hours I usually keep), and I’m happy with the way things turned out. It’s nice to be able to take raw information and turn it into something that looks halfway decent.

Speaking of taking raw information and making something out of it: I signed up for the Love Is Always Write event* over at the M/M Romance Group. This time around, I was in time to not only claim a prompt, but I was able to submit one of my own, which was nice. Interestingly enough, my prompt was claimed by Jaime Samms, and I grabbed a prompt from S.A. Garcia — both of whom also write for Dreamspinner.

I’m not sure precisely how I’m going to get my protagonists from point A to point B, but I do know approximately what’s going to happen to them when they get there. I’m also not entirely sure if parts of the story will work for other people, since I’m borrowing them from Lovecraft and friends.

In other working news, I’m kind of half-heartedly poking at some drafts, trying to convince Shelby and Nat that they want to make porn–ooooh, I just had an idea of how that might happen!, and generally recuperating from my latest bout of The Crud. I also bought some new sheets and pillows, but that’s not really here or there.

* As always, requires group membership to view.