Pot Luck II: Net Access; Endings And Beginnings

Net Access: I have some! Finally. Long story short: always write down your ridiculously complex/utterly random network password in your best handwriting, and make sure your numbers do not look like letters. Your guests will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

Endings And Beginnings: I’m not going to make DSP’s Higher Learning anthology’s deadline. On the one hand, that’s fine — I’m not entirely sure that they’d take my story (not enough college-y content) and I’ve been waiting for an ending to present itself to me, which it hasn’t. On the other, I’m disappointed, because it’s a sort of failure. I could present an itemized list, complete with graphic examples, of the factors that brought me to this point, but in the end it all boils down to the fact that I didn’t do the work.

I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to make the deadline for Mr. Plakcy’s Sexy Sailor call, either; again, it’s the ending that’s tripping me up. The characters and the story are just kind of standing around, being mopey, and I can’t figure out how to poke them with a stick to make them get a move on. Again, part of that’s my fault–the story presented itself to me with the twin themes of the quick and the dead–but it’s not easy to write a character who, when nudged, says “Look, I’m not interested in much of anything right now. Talk to me later, okay?”

On the other hand, I’ve started a couple of things–a seriously random thing involving dragons, and a couple of less-random things for a couple of different sub calls. Also, I am considering starting something new (yes, yes, I know) involving naga. I don’t have anything more concrete than that, at the moment. I’ver already written about a humanoid squid, how much weirder can it be to write about half-human/half-snakes? (Yeah, I know about the reproductive systems of (certain) snakes. I have to admit that that’s part of why I’ve only got a gauzy sort of impulse hanging around in the back of my head, at the moment.)

And now I should go away to write. That would be good…