Pot Luck: Comment Policy; Other People’s Stories; WIPs

Comment Policy: I have WordPress set up so that each new commenter has to register and then have their first comment approved — but once that happens, you can comment all you like. While I may get a bit cross about certain topics (punctuation, people making assumptions about why I do certain things, etc.), I have committed to a policy of allowing pretty much any and all comments unless they are A) laden with vile language/insults or B) revealing personal info about myself or others (phone number, address, shoe size). That means that yes, your first comment can be about how I’m an idiot for feeling possessive about my ellipses, and I will approve it.

Other People’s Stories: Reesa and Michelle will be releasing a new Slipstream short sometime in the near future. Huzzah!

Works In Progress: I may miss the deadline for at least one of the sub calls I’ve been working on. (I did just double-check, however, and discovered that it’s later than I thought it was.) For reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture, I’m not getting much work done on anything — and it drives me crazy. On the other hand, I do finally have an appointment to get my hair cut, so there is that.