Free Samples For Everyone! Eventually.

A request for another story like my Hot Summer Days Story, though with “real boys” and a Happily Ever After, got me to thinking that I should really put up samples/excerpts of my stuff so that people can see what they’re likely to get. So, I’ll be doing that, soonishly.

In the meantime, the in-between time, here’s a completely random snippet of Ezekiel and Justinian, inspired by and using words from The Word Museum: Some Of The Most Unusual Words Ever Forgotten. This is all the context I have, other than “set some time after the first thing I wrote featuring them”, so it’s all I can give you.

Ezekiel raised his brows at Justinian’s state of undress. “Looking to go a-clicketing, my handsome dog-fox?”

“Dog-fox?” Justinian made a face at him, then lifted his chin in the direction of the window, through which an expanse of hayfield could be seen. “It is bunting time, isn’t it?”

He laughed, delightedly, closing the distance between them. “What happened to my easily-scandalized scribe?”

“You can still scandalize me,” Justinian said, sounding puzzled.

“But you’re the one suggesting we go out and make love in the grass,” Ezekiel said, slipping an arm around Justinian’s waist so he could pinch the younger man.

“I said no such thing.” Justinian did his best to sound both wounded and diginified, though he looked askance at the pinch. “I simply pointed out that it is the traditional time of year to go courting.”

“You’d rather be courted? Ah! I don’t know if I can remember how.” Ezekiel gave him a squeeze, only half joking. Justinian hadn’t needed courting, at least not that he could tell.

“Or at least asked politely if I’d like to go out for a stroll,” Justinian said, raising his brows and gently slipping away from the other man.

“Well, all right, I can manage that.” Ezekiel took a half-step back, dropped to one knee, and held his hands out. “Dearest Justinian, would you grace me with the honor of your presence whilst I stroll along the lanes and byways of the county?”

Justinian shook his head and took Ezekiel’s hands, pulling at him. “As if I’d refuse. Get up, will you?”