Hot Summer Days Reading Recs

Needless to say, these are all decidedly Not Safe For Work.

– Piper Vaughn’s Wanting is a friends-to-lovers story, sweet and hot and funny in places. There’s a bonus scene in the comments, too. Sometimes the tagalong little brother grows up to know exactly what he wants…

– Stuart Wakefield’s The Elements Of Love is an interesting futuristic/post-apocalpytic sort of world, populated with mechs and wracked by war. Fortunately for humanity, when the four elements are united, peace will return. Earth, Water, and Air just aren’t sure if Fire is alive, never mind where Fire might be.

– LC Chase’s Open Tackle is another friends-to-lovers story, this one featuring college football players. Carrying a torch has one little drawback: torches can’t be hidden forever.

– Deanna Wadsworth’s Unscheduled Maintenance is definitely not sweet. In fact, I was considering not even finishing it, but I kept reading — and I was glad I did. It’s rough, it’s a little darker, and it features a D/s-ish relationship with elements of humiliation, just as a heads-up. Like I said, though, I ended up liking it even though I’m not keen on the whole humiliation thing.