Pre-Release Jitters

So I just got the first message–and read two of the three stories–about the Hot Summer Days project. Jen and Company are planning on releasing about 20,000 words a day from now until August 20th, and no, I don’t know when Gone To Pieces will be out.

Part of me is okay with that, and part of me is thinking that it makes it even worse because I have no idea when to start squinting through my fingers at the comment section. (I got this way after posting Anonymous Lovefest fics, too, just FYI. And hey, people loved those, so maybe it won’t be so bad.)

So far, Open Tackle and Unscheduled Maintenance are pretty good; Open Tackle is sweet, while Unscheduled Maintenance is darker/rougher but still good. (And I say that as someone who does not, as a rule, enjoy D/s stuff where the Dom is all about his own pleasure.)

I started Wanting Jack, but decided that I wasn’t interested in reading about people yelling at one another/The Big Misunderstanding at the moment. *Shrug* Currently, that’s not my cuppa, but I may go back and finish it later. Don’t let me dissuade you from checking it out, though.

And now I think I need to go poke at some fiction and go to sleep. Maybe if I let myself do something silly for a little while, I’ll be able to work on something for submission.