This isn’t really news to anyone who knows me, but…

I am an odd duck. I am easily amused by the strangest things; I’m easily entertained (a family friend once proclaimed that my entire family could keep themselves busy for at least a few hours with nothing more than a piece of string and a pan of dishwater); my mind goes leaping willy-nilly from thing to thing.

I am also not the world’s biggest fan of organized religion, for reasons which don’t need exploring at this juncture. I have this Thing for liturgy, though–probably related to the way in which my Virgoan desire for order manifests itself–and I’m pretty cool with the liberal end of the Anglican communion. I like rites and rituals and things done according to schedules and tables and things like that. (I’m happy to let other people do the math, though.)

I’ve tried working faith into stories before, but it hasn’t quite worked out — no one ever felt like they were being preached at (win), but it also contributed nothing to the storyline (fail). This is where I’m going with this: I’ve started something new (I know, I know), and I’m basing most/all of the religious stuff on the Anglicans/Episcopalians. I’ll probably be taking some liberties, since it’s a paranormal/fantasy (I think? Maybe?), but otherwise… And the only people doing any preaching will likely be preaching to the choir. I’m also pretty sure you won’t have to have a Book of Common Prayer to follow the story — although now I’m having images of Rite II people getting into arguments with Rite I people… (“Stuffy old goats!” “Hippies!”)