It's a good thing we don't burn heretics, these days.

At least not usually, and not in North America, as far as I know. ANYHOW.

So, in the course of writing this new thing involving a Roman and a Gaul, I needed to know if there were any deities particularly associated with things like 'putting up with well-meaning relatives' or 'finally telling someone that you're not getting married to the miller's daughter no matter how much of a dowry she comes with'.

The short answer is 'not really'. There's Mars (courage), and possibly Hermaphroditus ([bi]sexuality; only problem is that Hermaphroditus is Greek, not Roman, and may only be a fringe sort of God/dess that may not have been known in my story's relatively small town.). 

So while I was perusing the lists of ROman Gods and Goddesses, I realized that there were a LOT of them for all kinds of things. Things like, "children leaving the home of their parents for the first time"; door handles, hinges, and thresholds; "children as they learned to eat solid foods".

The list looks an awful lot like the Giant List Of Saints, who are dedicated to everything from Aachen (Germany) to Zutphen (Nederlands). It's just that the names and rituals have changed a little.