A jumping-off point.

Writerly advice from Warren Ellis:


Identify a character in your idea.

1) What does that character WANT?

2) What does that character need to do to GET what they want?

3) What are they prepared to DO to get what they want?


Basic? Yes. Worth remembering, because it's where every story starts? Hell yes. Also has a couple of examples, at the post, as well as what prompted it. 

I find Mr. Ellis fascinating, but he's one of those people that I would be too terrified to speak to, were I in the same room with him. (Not because I think he'd try to kill me with his mind or something, but rather because I know I would say/do something terminally stupid or spill something on him or otherwise cause more trouble than anyone should. Hi, I'm C. Wright and I am an incredibly socially-awkward (even online) dorky coward!)