Look! I remembered to post!

I have to take my victories where I can.

Speaking of which! Thanks to Amazon’s UK site, I am now in possession of a TEENY copy of the CoE BCP. It’s legible, it’s got everything I wanted and some things I had no idea about, but it’s itty-bitty. This is not a complaint, merely an observation.

Coverdale Psalter WITH NUMBERS! Yay!

Also, the sequel to ILUMETTH is coming along relatively swimmingly, even if my brain is currently flat and pretty much nothing exciting happens. Well, there are letters, and there’s a shovel talk, and I still have NO idea what the hell is wrong with one of the characters…

I write on a very micro level. Some writers work on a macro level, taking in huge swathes of important things like what the government is doing in their world and remembering things like steam engines and electricity exist. Me, I grab the magnifying glass and ignore all of that other stuff, because apparently it’s far more vital to know that Ezekiel has always had a difficult time not being a smart alec in the face of authority.

Don’t ask me about the status of train transportation in Ezekiel and Justinian’s 19th Century That Never Was–I have no idea. Or other important questions, like gas lamps and electricity and the availability of opium and how much of an empire what amounts to Britain is etc etc etc. I just don’t know. It’s kind of a shame, too, considering how absolutely fascinatingly different life probably is, there.

I may have something new flopping onto the page in the near future, speaking of writing on a micro level. Nanobots and cyberspace and a Seattle that I don’t think I ever want to visit have been kind of bubbling in the back of my head for the last 18 hours, so. We’ll see, though, because sometimes announcing that I’m Going To Do The Thing! leads to The Thing not being Done. Which I hate. A lot.

Not nearly as much as I hate the way my face is randomly aching, at the moment, but until the NSAID I just took kicks in I’ll have to live with it.

I think I may go write Valentine’s day mush, or at least try to–I seem to remember that Valentine’s day was kind of a big deal in the 19th century…