What’s that, rising from the deep? Is it a monster? A large blob of seaweed? No…

…it’s just me. Hi. *Wavewave* Still not dead! Just reeeeeally busy, with spotty internet access. That’s not important! What’s important is that I have an announcement:

Michelle has a new book out! If Wishes Were Coffee, published by Less Than Three Press. It’s not a direct sequel to Enchanted Grounds, but there is a family relation. Set in the town of Playa Escondida, it’s the story of two guys who really need to get their acts together and the coffee-shop patron that gives them the kick in the pants that just might do it.

Michelle’s also going on a blog tour, the details of which can be found on her post here. Go! Comment there for a chance to win a copy of your own! Reeeeeead it! (It’s Michelle. You know it’s going to be good.)