I need a keeper.

But until I come into my fortune, I’ll just muddle along.

Anyway: Hi! How’ve you been? Had a good holiday, whatever you might celebrate? I hope so, and I hope this next year is full of lovely things for you.

My holidays were…odd, this year. Not bad, just…not what I was expecting, in terms of atmosphere. In terms of how I’m doing on the whole gift-exchange thing, um… Well. *Cough* *Shuffle* Thank you for asking!

On the writing front, I’ve battled my way free of most of my fandom plotbunnies. I’ve also decided to try a 365-days-of-writing thing, which is actually a modified version of something I found on Tumblr (which is a challenge to write a story (or part of one) every day of the year). I’m doing pretty well, so far — I think I’m 9/10, at the moment.

Also, watching Supernatural on Netflix and reading an epic (and awesome) SPN ‘fic kicked some things loose in my head and I’ve been working on a new Ezekiel and Justinian story. Yay original fiction! Oh, and Sexy Sailors is out, which is lovely.