Amusing, possibly useful:

Dutch Boy Paint’s Color Quiz. I used it for myself, then started answering the questions from the point of view of my characters — not all of them, but a few. Utterly unscientific, sure, but a great way to kill a few minutes… And you never know, you might just figure out what color your latest protagonist’s bathroom walls are.

Other Love Is Always Write Reads:

These are the stories that grabbed me, for whatever reason, in no particular order. If they’re not already available for download, they will be! Also, these are all pretty much NSFW (but if you’re here…), so there’s that.

Roses In The Devil’s Garden, by Charlie Cochet. Prohibition-era cops! Bad guys! Former lovers and secrets!

Into Deep Waters, by Kaje Harper. The story of two guys who meet in the Navy in WWII. Bring tissues/a hankie, you’ll need it — trust me, if it was Misery Lit, it wouldn’t be on this list.

Altered States, by LE Harner. Looks like a cop/buddy story at first glance… And then you get to the end! If you really want to be surprised, skip the informational post at the beginning.

Louder Than Sirens, Louder Than Bells, by KD Sarge. I don’t know why I can’t get into Florence & The Machine, but I just can’t. However, the song from which the title is taken seems to be a good fit for the story — which is not-exactly-friends (but not entirely enemies) to lovers, featuring lovely stubborn characters that you want to whack with a shoe even as you want to give them a hug. (…I apparently have A Thing for that kind of character. Learn something new every day.)

Feels So Good When You Stop, by Eve Ocotillo. For me, the hints that perhaps Tomas isn’t what he seems were really what made the story.

By Design, by Kate Islay. I like architecture, and while this story doesn’t require a degree in engineering or design, the architectural details add another layer of interest to it.

Love Is Always Write!

Jaime Samms wrote me a story! Skin Or Scale is about my favorite kind of character: Frustrated Semi-Outcast. It’s a nice little story, but it has so much room for exploration. I really hope she expands on the world of Alec and Kreed in the future — I know I’ll be first in line for it.

Some name resources…

National Geographic has put together a very cool interactive map of surnames across the US. I’d love to see one of these for other countries, honestly.

Baby Name Wizard’s Name Mapper – see where and when a name was most popular, by year from 1960 to 2009. (US only, as far as I know.)

My favorite Wikipedia category: Surnames. (I particularly love the lists of common surnames by country. So useful!)

Behind The Name is great for finding first names by country, especially when you’re looking for things like ‘Cornish’ and ‘Breton’.