I keep meaning to mention this…

I’m participating in the first-ever Hop Against Homophobia. In addition to me, there are 214 other authors, publishers, and reviewers signed up for the bloghop. If you remember web-rings from the early days of the internet*, a bloghop is essentially the same thing, but focused on a particular post or day of posts.

The HAH will start on May 17th, which is the International Day Against Homophobia. I’ll have one big post about a serious topic, at least one smaller, lighter post, and I’m planning on giving away actual print books! Yes, I’ll be giving away one of each of my beloved Author’s Copy of Skater Boys and Model Men, and maybe something else — I haven’t decided, yet.

I’ll also be updating my commenting policy and removing at least one of the commenting-requirement barriers, too.

* In internet years, I am almost 66.

A new-to-me-review from Literary Nymphs (and a confession)

While I was looking to see what searching for “Connor Wright” turns up these days, I decided I’d see what the image-search results were. On the second page in the second row was a picture of the cover for Tobias’s Own Adventure. I ran my cursor over it to see where it was being pulled from, and to my surprise, the URL was for Literary Nymphs’s reviews-only blog. I followed the link to see if it was one of the two reviews I knew existed for Tobias’s Own, and to my delight I discovered that it was a completely new review.

Rogue Satyr gave Tobias’s Own Adventure a 5-Nymph rating, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Rogue does mention something that no one else did, which is the whole ‘pirate’ thing is basically glossed over…

And yeah, it is. If you start thinking about the logistics of it, you start to realize that a one-man priate crew is the least-likely-to-be-successful crew ever, so. It’s hand-waving and dangling-shinier-things all over the place, I know. It could be worse, though! Despite the fact that most of Caled’s infamy is born of Informed Ability (<-- WARNING: TV Tropes!), the story does start off with him actually doing Pirate-y things.

And Now It’s Time For Randomness Theater!

A handful of shiny bits plucked out of the lint in my head:

– I was just looking at the search terms that led people to this page. Most of them were pretty pedestrian, but someone did come looking for “terms of endearment for a cat”.

Someone else found me by looking for “bad reviews (of) the wishing box”. I hope they weren’t too disappointed by what they found here, since I haven’t written one. (I don’t think I’ve ever seen one, either, to be honest.)

– The incredibly stressful situation that led to my last post seems to be resolved. I’m not entirely sure I quite believe that to be true, yet… I’ll give it another week.

– The New Thing I was excited about on Twitter? Crashed after about 3700 words. I’m currently poking at an alternate idea for the same project, which seems like it will actually work out better.

– It’s SPRING. The birds are building nests and the snow is melting and there’s SUNLIGHT and soon there will be GREEN GROWING THINGS, you know, GROWING, and I can SEE MY GARDEN and and and– Yeah, I’m a little excited about that.

– Want to know what I’ve been looking up this week? Check out my boards on Pinterest. (There’s not a whole lot there, yet. It’s almost as big a time-sink as Tumblr, though, so I can’t spend a lot of time just looking at everyone else’s stuff.)

…And that’s about it, for the moment. Time to go see if I really do remember how that whole “writing” thing works.