Madness! (And not Spartan madness, either.)

Between small children, shopping (which isn't done yet, natch), an air-lock in the heating system that wasn't fixed until this morning, and the latest story that's eaten my brain, I've been a little, um, busy.

The eclipse was really, really cool, though! The moon looked strangely large, and then when it was completely dark, totally fake. It was easy to understand how people looked at it and thought that it shouldn't be too hard to get to.

Got the note saying that my contract arrived, safe and sound, so that's good. I'll probably hear from the editor after Christmas, so I'm not worried about that. (I am hopeful that the little bit of polishing I did in the interim will go over well — I decided I needed to add a little to the end of one scene to make it just a bit more convincing.)