There, that’s better.

Finally got my fiction pages in order and up. As a bonus, not only did I post the epilogue to Totally Choice, I posted something else I’ve been working on the last couple of days.

And now I have to go to sleep or else. I’ve got a ridiculous weekend coming up, followed by zipping off to Seattle next week, and I haven’t even started packing yet. Hooray?

Sounds Like A Plan To Me.

Shea Meier posted the following:

Here's what I will do:

Write honestly.
Write the characters I love, as human beings.
Tell the story that I meant to tell.
Do my best to make each voice authentic to the character I'm writing.

Here's what I won't do:

Use my sexuality as an excuse to write what I write.
Let someone else erase my sexuality or gender as a way to discredit what I write.
Stop telling the stories I want to tell because someone insists that I'm not queer enough.

Other than having trouble writing the story that I wanted/intended to tell on the first go-round, I am happy to point at this and say 'Me too!' None of us would be sitting here, discussing this, if our antecedents sighed and gave up the second someone else told them they couldn't do whatever it was they were thinking of doing.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go write. I have a bunch of queer stories I really need to get finished some time before the turn of the century.

Watch This Space

This weekend, I think I'm going to post all of the fiction-bits I've posted here on their own pages, so that they're easy to get to. As a bonus, I'll also post a little follow-up thing I wrote featuring Will and Levi of Totally Choice.

If I don't get it done by Sunday afternoon, feel free to poke me or throw shoes or whatever.

Helping Uncle Connor

Or at least supervising. I have a fundraiser to attend this afternoon, so I started getting ready early — figuring out what I’m wearing, shaving, freshening the pinkness of my hair, that kind of thing. My Unofficial Nieces were interested in everything, right up to the moment that I announced I had to put Tiny down because I needed to go take a shower.

Less-Tiny immediately piped up with, “Can I come in?” I (of course) said no. “But I need to help you!” No, I don’t need help. It’s like taking a bath, but standing up. It’s boring. “Awww, but I need to help you!” It’s not fun! I don’t get to play with toys!

No. Uncle Connoh (they’re not big on R-sounds, yet) is a big boy, he can take a shower by himself. I closed the door on a chorus of disappointed whines and took a child-free shower. Well, mostly child-free — the tub-toys are still all over.

So what IS the difference between "awhile" and "a while", anyhow?

You use 'a while' if you're also using the word 'for', as in, "I'll drive for a while; you get some sleep." If you're not using 'for', then you use 'awhile'. "I'll drive awhile; you get some sleep."

This–and a lot of other useful information–can be found at Paul Brians' (Big) List Of Errors page. It's ridiculously helpful, and if you'd prefer it in an offline format, he's written a book.

Well, they finally did it.

TruTV has finally intrigued me enough that I may actually break down and watch an episode of Operation Repo. I will probably have to watch it with the volume turned all the way down, though — not a fan of people shouting at one another.

What’s so interesting that I’ll voluntarily subject myself to dumb “reality” TV? The previews for Monday’s show have scenes of a sub man and a Domme on a balcony. The man is on his knees, and she’s got control of him… It’s just an interesting thing to see on TV, particularly outside of a comedic setting.