Invasion Of The Attention Snatchers

My formerly quiet retreat has been invaded by two small children, both of whom qualify for the designation of 'toddler'. 

As a result, I've written about three paragraphs total in the last five days. The kids are more or less wonderful–smart and funny and only ill-behaved when they're tired or hungry, which is only to be expected–but they take so much work and energy and time and attention to deal with…

I have no idea how people who have kids manage to write actual novels, but I am in awe of them. I am also in awe of my own mother, to whom I keep apologizing for having been a small child. (She just tells me that my brother and I really weren't that bad, but thanks.)

I suspect that as life settles into something resembling a routine, I'll get back to writing, but as it stands I'm currently stuck on a metaphorical housetop, watching the logs and boats of deadlines float by in the flood, just beyond my reach… (It's rained all weekend. It's still raining.)

Also, I figure that as soon as we settle into a routine, I'm going out of town and that will throw everyone and everything off–but I'll have time and space to myself while I'm gone, so that'll be all right for me. 

A Public Service Announcement

A PSA from your friendly neighborhood smut-writer: Leash laws are for the protection of all people and all dogs. They are intended to protect YOUR DOG as much as they are to protect MY DOG. I don't care how angelic and docile your puppy-wuppy schnookums is, I don't care if your precious wittle dumpling-fluffy-wuffy-kins has been a vegetarian their entire life. The thing is, it doesn't matter how pacifistic YOUR DOG is when it runs up to the dog(s) I'm walking and said dog(s) BITE YOUR DOG. 

Do you get it, now? Your dog is safer on a leash than it is off, and THAT is why I'm reminding you of the leash laws and their applicability to EVERYONE. Thank you. 

Your Obscure Fandom Pairings Of The Day:

Link/Morgan (Danger Island)

Juve/Jerome* (Fantômas)

I suspect that I may be the only person for that last one, though. I need more Fantomas stories! I have no idea if there was ever a second volume collected, let alone translated into English. (While looking for the link to the first volume, I discovered not only the second set of tales, but a third and what may either be a stand-alone novel or a fourth anthology. Hooray!)

…And yes, if I succumb to the desire to write Juve/Jerome, I will post it here (and possibly/probably to Rareslash, too).

* Alas, yes, this is misspelled. I blame Microsoft for making it stupidly difficult to type unusual characters.


Eat Me, MindFuck Fiction's first anthology on the theme of gluttony, has been posted for sale. There are seven stories (including Awydd, featuring Max and Trevor), a bookplate, several pictures, and a small meditation on each story from their authors. 

You can grab it at MindFuck's page, and they'll personalize it for you as a bonus. Pretty sweet. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go dance around like I haven't any good sense, because I'm published

Firefox Vs. Tumblr

Does anyone else have this issue? I go to save an image file from Tumblr in Firefox, and instead of saving it as whatever the extension in the URL is (.gif, .png, .jpg), it wants me to save it as an HTML document. It doesn’t seem to happen anywhere else (LiveJournal, for example), and it drives me crazy.

Also not keen on the whole Tumblrize-plugin-not-working thing, either. *Pokes things*

Free Read Leads To Questions:

So I picked up The Virginian; partly because the excerpt made it sound interesting, partly because it’s listed under gay/lesbian (which, for a book published in 1902, was intriguing enough on its own), and partly because I have yet to understand the allure of the Gay Cowboy archetype.

So far, the only hints that there might be any same-sex action is the narrator remarking that he wishes The Virginian (I forget if he has an actual name) would like him; later he mentions that TV does something that makes Narrator love him. The line that makes me sit up and say ‘Que? I mean, huh?’ is this one:

“We were thorough friends, and had exchanged many confidences both of the flesh and of the spirit.”

…I’m not entirely sure what that means, or what it was intended to mean. I know what it sounds like, to me–but who knows if my interpretation is the one the author was expecting.

Saving My Pennies

I love my recently-purchased Nook. Unfortunately, it makes it faaaaar too easy to buy new books — all I have to do is press the ‘Buy’ button and ping! I have another book to read. Fortunately for me, I have discovered (free ebooks, beautifully proofed by Distributed Proofing) — and Barnes & Noble has been releasing sets of classic books for free every week or so. (Snagged The Secret Garden from this week’s collection of Books That Made Us Love Reading; I’m a sucker for hidden rooms/secret hideaways.)

I need to stop buying books because A) I have about four million that I haven’t even read, yet; B) I kind of have books I need to save for (see: The Balance Of Silence); and C) I am, if everything goes all right, going to Seattle for six weeks. I am unreasonably excited about that, really, but Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world (so far).

Seattle, Seattle, Seattle!

Speaking of lovely…

The Balance Of Silence is first on my list of books to buy in September. (I would buy it sooner, but alas, it's not out until the 14th.) From the description of the book itself:

Warning: This book contains fluffy blond hair, sugary soda that will rot your teeth out, one unfortunate first name, and one mute amnesiac with a sarcasm fetish, all wrapped up in two selfless but mildly unstable guys who accidentally find their happily ever after. In SPACE!

It's not quite as wacky as that makes it sound–in fact, it touches on some pretty serious themes–but it does have some delightfully funny moments. It's a great story, written by two spiffy people (neither of which are me), and well worth your time.