It’s something that interests me in more than one way. *Ahem* All silliness quite aside, I just sent off my little Prince story. After rereading the sub call, I’m not sure it’s what the editor is looking for… But then again, Skaters wasn’t really what the sub call asked for, either (“gritty” was one of the adjectives used, actually) — and I sold that. (MONTHS ago. I am STILL grinning about it. Being my first sale, though, I think it’s okay.)

So, that brings my total of stories out to… Two: Steady and Pain.

Also, if I sell Pain, I’m giving my brother ten bucks ’cause he thought of the title.

Still waffling over the 20K holiday story. I could probably do it, but I’m not feeling super-inspired. I could do some tweaking and fiddling and nudging to something I’ve already got, but… I dunno. (I need to make up my tiny little mind fast, though, ’cause the deadline is the end of August.)

…That’s all the news that is news for right now, anyhow.

I’m not being “difficult”, I truly want to know.

Why is it that all of my stories, whether they contain explicit sex or not, automatically receive the highest (or second-highest) ‘heat’ ratings from certain publishers? How is GLBTAQ? content automatically on equal footing with BDSM/three-/more-some stories?

For example, my bizarre little thing that’s been eating my brain, lately, has a total of four described kisses, all of which are basically pecks on the mouth. That’s it. There’s some passing mention of other kisses, but you’ve essentially read how they’re described, in all of their glorious lack of detail.

Yet, because the kisser and the kissee are both male, according to at least TWO publishers’ guidelines, that story? Has to be rated at least the same as Awydd — which is chock-full of D/s, bondage, spanking, graphic language, and anal sex.

Nick and Brick (who are not twins) haven’t even had more than their pecks; the only “bad” word that’s been used in the story is ‘whore’ (and ‘strumpet’, now that I think of it), but they’re the same as Max and Trev’s Fantasy-Fulfillment Story.

I’m sorry, I really, really don’t fucking get it. I mean, maybe I’m stupid or something — that’s always a possibility — but I can’t see it. I just can’t figure out why I’m supposed to essentially put an R rating on something that’s PG at best, at the moment, just because it’s got a couple of guys kissing in. They claim it applies unilaterally to lesbian, bi, and trans content, too; wonder if that’s really true — after all, everyone knows two girls kissing is hawt, not nasty. [/sarcasm]

Falling off the face of the earth?

No, just got busy writing. Close enough, really. 

My current story seems to have taken an abrupt left turn into the world of The Other Crowd, which is fine — it gives me something else to write about — but it was marginally unexpected. I'd like to point out that I've still got other things I'm working on (and would like to work on; hint hint, brain), but this is what's got its teeth in me at the moment. 

I'm also still looking for a title for a story I've got that's almost ready to go out, but that'll take a while as usual. 

Updates and Progress Reports

– Should have a proof and street date for Awydd sooooon. *Bounce* Still really stupidly pleased about that.
– Started yet another new thing, this one involving the character with the Welsh name. (Settled on Brychan Rhys. Need to look up the pronunciation of ‘ch’ in Welsh to make sure I’ve got his nickname right.)
– Got my prince thing pretty much done. In the polishing stage, now; a few last tweaks and a title (always the hardest part) and it’ll be ready to go!
– Still fiddling with the bull rider/bullfighter thing. Have written the ending and the smut; now must connect them, somehow.
– Started a Chris/Jesse roadtrip story. No smut yet; will fix that eventually. Mostly it consists of Chris deciding that humans and airplanes are a stupid combination and that he will drive/walk/take the train/go by boat/go by horse/fly on his own wings/ANYthing but take a plane from now on, ta.

And that’s really all the news that is news around here, for now.

My brain hurts.

From a publishers Do Not Want! list: Sexual abuse of minors, including exposure to sexual acts. This includes consensual acts by anyone under 18.

I’m sorry, how is it that “consensual” and “abuse” end up being synonyms? Could someone PLEASE explain that to me, in words of one syllable or less? Because I’m pretty sure that that’s the only way I’ll EVER understand it.

Two seventeen-years-and-three-hundred-sixty-four-days-old people getting it on, because they’re horny and in love = abuse. Yeah, no, still not working for me.

An adult and a 12-year-old? That’s wrong. An 18-year-old and a 17-year-old? Depends on the circumstances. I don’t think it automatically constitutes abuse; and if they’re both saying YES then I’m even more lost as to how it can be abuse. (Especially if it’s all the 17-year-old’s idea.)

This sort of thing is exactly why I’d make a horrible juror — I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from asking questions of/arguing with the lawyers.

Dearest Publishers,

Hi. I know, I know, we’re having this conversation AGAIN. I’m really sorry; I wish we weren’t.

The thing is, sweetheart, simply this: your submission/contribution guidelines are your cover letter to me. You need to make them clear and concise, but especially clear.

If I can’t figure out what you want, or when you want it, or if you pay (and how much), then I’m going to simply move on–there’s no sense in wasting your time. I’m certainly not at all interested in wasting my own time, either.

So please, take a good hard look at your guidelines. Ask someone else to look at them. Change them, if it’s necessary. If you welcome questions at the submission address, say so; if you’d rather they went somewhere else, tell me where. But above all, make sure that they reflect what you’re actually looking for.

Writers are creative and imaginative, but we’re not psychic. (Okay, I seem to be mildly psychic, but it’s limited to knowing when someone is going to change lanes without signaling, so.)

Thanks for your time and attention,

I remain,

mildly annoyed by this.

Okay, so, remember that news I mentioned?


Yes. *Dances around* I sold Awydd, which is another Max and Trevor story. (Interestingly enough, it does come after Aduniad, though it's not a direct sequel. A bunch of other stuff happens between Aduniad and Awydd.)

It's going to be published as part of MindFuck Fiction's Seven Sexy Sins collection, in the Gluttony volume. As soon as I know exactly what the release date is, I will share it. 

I swear, I am NEVER going to EVER get tired of it: I sold a story! 

So I finally figured it out!

I like skinny emo kids because they appeal to the part of me that likes feeding people. I see them and my reaction is, "Aww, c'mere and lemme feed you! That's right, here, have a sandwich. Have two."

Yup, I'm odd, but you knew that. (And if you didn't, well, now you do. Hi! *Wavewave*)

Maybe THIS will make the light come on for some people:

Next time someone trots some tired saw about how gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry for [whatever specious reasoning], smack them upside the head with this: lefties shouldn't be allowed to marry either! (Video at linked page.)